Jim Halpert is seen as one of the nicest characters on The Office. But does the ‘nice guy’ have another, darker, side to him? Well, there’s evidence to hint that he indeed does, and well, it is creepy as all get-out.

Jim’s romance with Pam tries to hide other aspects of his overall personality, but if we look closely, Jim’s actions are usually suspect. Such actions are sometimes at best, but is it due to the fact that Jim is good at concealing this objectionable facet of his very own personality, or is he actually just as nice a guy as he seems?


Reflexively Staring At Ryan


You may see Jim constantly looking at Pam, which is well, kind of creepy, particularly at the time that she was engaged to Roy. However, Jim became so engrossed in glancing at Pam that when she went on vacation for Ryan to temporarily replace her, Jim still looked over at Ryan without even realizing it; creeping Ryan out.


Remember the Casual Break Up With Katy On The Booze Cruise

The Office
The Office

This took place in Episode 11 of Season 2 where Jim broke up with Katy, even leaving her stranded on a boat with a few people whom she barely knows. Jim took Katy’s feelings for granted, breaking up with her while staring at Roy and Pam dancing.


Announcing His Love For Moms Of All Kinds

he Office
The Office

While having lunch with Pam and Roy,” Roy asked Jim what kind of girls he likes. Obviously, he couldn’t say he liked women like Pam, so with a deadpan expression, he revealed that he was into moms. Single moms, Soccer moms, NASCAR moms, any kind of them. Pam laughed at this, making it look like Jim was joking. The response came to him fairly quickly, and Pam does have somewhat motherly tendencies, so it could have been true after all.


Jim’s Schemes Are The Work Of A Twisted Mind


Some pranks by Jim were not just pranks, they were schemes with numerous components that required a lot of effort. He spent a lot of time on certain pranks, like when he wrapped everything in Dwight’s work area at the time of Christmas wrapping paper. You can feel the sense of satisfaction as he gets from his escapades when he looked through the blinds at Andy after pranking him in “Heavy Competition.”


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