In 2021, PlayStation remained one of the hot topics in gaming on the internet mainly because they had moments where they managed to surpass their competition by making several big announcements and releasing a bunch of new trailers that got fans talking like never before. Here we have compiled PlayStation’s 5 best moments of 2021.

1) God Of War Ragnarok Trailer

god of war ragnarok e1641168222327

Due to Covid 19 and health issues suffered by Kratos’ voice actor Christopher Judge, the game didn’t actually release this year and is now slated for a late 2022 release which disappointed a lot of fans but Sony’s announcement of the upcoming sequel in September still got the fans excited. The trailer combined gameplay and cinematics showcasing Kratos and Atreus in even tougher circumstances than previous games.

2) Additions To PS Now

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Some of the titles that were added to PS Now this year that got fans hyped included Celeste, God of War (2018), and Nier: Automata (while some were removed too, The Witcher 3, in particular, didn’t last for long) Along with that, PS Plus is still providing gamers with 2 or 3 free games each month as an alternative option.

3) The Uncharted Movie Trailer

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End

PlayStation released a trailer for the movie adaptation of one of its beloved exclusive series. Even though it was not a new Uncharted game announcement, this reveal was still one of the most exciting moments of the year for PlayStation. The movie cast includes big names like Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg and looks to have the same level of thrills and excitable action as the PlayStation’s fan-favorite series.

4) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PlayStation Showcase

Spider Man 2 PlayStation

In September 2021, PlayStation released a reveal trailer of the sequel to the first Spider-Man game on YouTube and it has earned over 17 million views. Spider-Man got a huge fan following around the world and having a game series that is only exclusive for PlayStation consoles is a huge advantage that PlayStation has over its rivals. There is still time in its release but the release of the trailer was one of the most hyped moments for PlayStation and Spider-Man fans.

5) The Return Of Ratchet And Clank

Ratchet Clank Playstation5

In 2021, fans got to witness the return of the much-awaited PlayStation-exclusive series. The classic series hadn’t lost the magic as the game turned out to be one of PlayStation’s best games this year. The addition of exclusives like Ratchet and Clank to PS5’s small library of games slightly boosts the appeal of the console that has been out for a year now.


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