Titans Season One is officially finished, and fans are now waiting for news about the second season. Particularly with regards to the new names on the Titans roster. The first season of the DC Universe’s series breathed life into many members of Teen Titans, and the second season is ensured to bring us significantly more.

In case, you’ve seen the show, you’re presumably excited for its continuation. To get you more hyped, we have set up together this rundown of 5 Titans We Want To See In Season 2 (And 3 That Are Ensured To Appear).

8. Ensured: CYBORG
Cyborg’s popularity has had a soar in recent years. At the point when DC propelled their New 52 comics line, Cyborg was made a founding individual of the Justice League. He at that point showed up in the animated adaptation of that story, Justice League: War, and not long after that, he made his big-screen debut in the DCEU’s Justice League film.

Presently, Cyborg is going to Titans spinoff Doom Patrol. We just got our first take a look at him in the Doom Patrol trailer, and it’s clear that the DC Universe is focused on making a comic-accurate adaptation of the character.

7. Ensured: NIGHTWING
In an amazing moment from Season One, we saw Dick Grayson demolish his Robin costume. In doing as such, he chose to surrender that identity for good. However, it’s clear that Dick’s superhero days are a long way from being done. If Dick isn’t staying the course as Robin, there’s one character he’d change to straightaway.

We completely hope to see Nightwing appear in the following season of DC’s spilling hit. Particularly since, in another corner of DC Comics media, the status of the Nightwing film is still not yet decided.

Jason Todd as Robin most likely is not going to end well. In the realm of DC Comics, Jason is killed by the Joker, coming back to life as the brutal, lethal, vigilante known as the Red Hood. The Titans version of Jason is as of now under the tutelage of an excessively vicious Batman, so it wouldn’t be much of a hop in his morality to the Red Hood persona.

However, it’s not ensured that they’ll go to the revival course, as it would sort of be a great deal to clarify.

At New York Comic Con, producer Geoff Johns told people that Season Two’s storyline would make comics creator Marv Wolfman extremely happy. This could mean a lot of things, as Marv Wolfman contributed widely to the Teen Titans legend. It could mean they’re adjusting the great storyline The Judas Contract. Or on the other hand, it could imply that a Wolfman-made character is in the way. If that’s the situation, Tim Drake could be a brilliant decision.

Titans is, all things considered, very heavy on its Robins. In the event that Jason Todd dies, which will probably occur in the following season to make room for the Red Hood, Tim would be a fan-satisfying substitution as Batman’s sidekick.

DC Universe’s show makes a plunge directly into the dark magic that influences a great part of the comic book material. The vast majority of that originates from the character of Raven, yet there’s a lot of space for a developing magical cast. If Titans go that course, the character of Jinx would be an incredible addition to the cast.

Jinx was a tremendous part of the animated Teen Titans show and another creation by the amazing Marv Wolfman.

Many fans have now been acquainted with the universe of Atlantis. That is because of this winter’s Aquaman, which has opened up that pocket of the DC world to a lot bigger fan base. It would be even more splendid for Titans to benefit from that notoriety.

Aqualad is the nephew of the universally adored marine linguist, and like Conner Kent, features conspicuously in Young Justice. Up until this point, there have been no bits of gossip about Aqualad in the DCEU, so it would be cool for him to join Teen Titans.

Bumblebee is another character with history from both Teen Titans and Doom Patrol. Like Marvel’s Wasp, Bumblebee has a cutting-edge, wing-prepared suit that enables her to shrink to a little size. In addition to the fact that her powers would make for engaging activity in the following season, Bumblebee’s fiery identity would change up the dreary tone of the show.

Be that as it may, getting her into the show may take some imaginative manoeuvring. Obviously, Transformers won’t be surrendering the name Bumblebee at any point in the near future.

Outside of the most well known Titans, like Robin and Cyborg, Terra is a standout amongst the most important characters from Teen Titans legend. She noticeably features in The Judas Contract, the previously referenced Citizen Kane of Teen Titans stories.

You may recollect Terra if you were a fanatic of the Teen Titans cartoon series, and you likewise may remember why she’s so hazardous. Without ruining anything, having her in Titans would make for an incredible challenge to the characters as a team. Besides, introducing her would be a fine way to present Deathstroke, with whom Terra had an affair.

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