There is no stronger love triangle in both the X-Men films and the comic books than the one involving Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Wolverine. In most Marvel stories, Jean and Scott are the established couples who are endangered by the unexpected presence of the rugged Wolverine, who appears to have an instant attraction to Jean. It’s a reciprocal sentiment, one that is frequently suppressed by both parties. But there are moments when they find a way to be “together” in some way.

Whether they decide to keep their feelings for each other hidden or to take the leap and be together, the two are always on the search for each other. It’s a connection that gets a lot more attention in comic books.

Always Pulled Towards Each Other


Wolverine and his X-Force comrades learn in the Uncanny X-Force series that they must travel to the Age of Apocalypse timeline in order to prevent a cataclysmic disaster from occurring on their own planet. However, once Wolverine arrives, things do not go as planned. Misconceptions abound, and there are certain roadblocks in his goal, the most significant of which is when Nightcrawler prevents him and his crew from taking the Life Seed from Dark Beast’s facility.

But it’s not all for naught. When he eventually meets the X-Men from this alternate reality, he appears to have the same equation with their Jean Grey. They converse for a bit, with Jean expressing that she misses her Wolverine, the one in her timeline who isn’t with her, before leaning in for a kiss.

They’ve Tried Polyamory

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For a long time, all mutants have been residing on the idyllic island of Krakoa. Things are usually going well, and there is a sense of optimism in the air. There is a renunciation of old rules and an embracing of the new, as in a utopian society. Their civilization is unquestionably more libertarian than that of regular humans. Polyamory is one element of life in Krakoa that appears to be not just tolerated, but also promoted.

When it’s revealed in X-Force #10 that Scott, Jean, and Wolverine may be in such a relationship, it’s not exactly stunning news. After all, their love triangle has been explored in a variety of ways in films and comic books; a polyamorous one would simply be another step in that dynamic.

They Even Got Married and Had A Child


It’s unusual for these two to marry and start a family, but they do so in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. They both work at Xavier’s School for Gifted Children, supervising the educational side of things. Jean was previously married to Scott in this tale, but they divorced and she married Wolverine. They later had a daughter named Kate.

When they meet Spider-Man and his family at the institute, the three of them appear to be a happy bunch. It’s a wonderful image, with cherry blossom leaves floating through the air, encircling the characters in pink confetti.

They’ve Flirted

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Jean is romantically connected with Scott at the start of the X-Men Forever reality. But, like in every previous issue, she can’t help but be drawn to Wolverine. The two flirt with one other and indulge in some limited shows of love, but it never escalates.

Later, as Wolverine appears to die, she confesses her greatest secret and admits that she had been in love with him all along. Following that, she ends her romance with Scott and begins a relationship with Beast, but even that has a horrible conclusion.

Jean Framed Wolverine For Her Death

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Their romance is set in the past in X-Men Noir. They used to be a very happy couple, but now Jean is with Scott. She is a manipulative lady with a reputation for being a thief and a swindler. She subsequently used these talents to fake her own murder, murdering someone else and impersonating her. Not only that, but she slices the body in such a way that the guilt is placed on Wolverine.

This forces Scott to approach Wolverine face to face, demanding to know why he murdered her. For obvious reasons, the clawed mutant reacts negatively to the accusation, lashing out and scratching Scott in the left eye.

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