When DC FanDome released the trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, quite a few questions were answered on why the game was titled so.

The biggest clue being, Superman was most likely mind-controlled by Brainiac.

What with a Brainiac ship lurking around the corner.

Evil Superman

Superman is now a murderous villain, and since it says to kill the Justice League, we are guessing more league members have joined their leader in destroying world peace, or whatever is at stake this time around.

While it is highly unlikely that the Suicide Squad would be able to actually kill the Justice League or even Superman; there are a few ways that they can use to defeat him.

Here are 5 ways that the Suicide Squad would be able to defeat the Man of Steel, and 5 ways that they won’t!

  1. Would be Able: Kryptonite!

Superman Screaming with Kryptonite

I mean of course, they can use the one thing that everyone knows is Superman’s weakness – Kryptonite.

How they use, or which one, that depends on what is available to them, but the squad can definitely use this mineral to overpower the Kryptonian.

Maybe they can even use the Black Kryptonite to separate the good and evil Supermans, but since it is probably a case of mind control, we can’t be sure if that might be the best way to go!

  1. Won’t be Able: Stealth.

3 2

The current Suicide Squad from the game doesn’t have someone who can actually launch a successful stealth attack on the Man of Steel.

That would have been a good way to beat the Kryptonian, by not coming face-to-face with him.

But with Superman’s super hearing, laser-sharp eyesight as well as super speed, it would be quite difficult to be hidden from him.

  1. Would be Able: Magic!

Superman's Weakness Magic

The Man of Steel has very few weaknesses, apart from Kryptonite.

But the one’s that do weaken him are quite powerful tools.

One of them being magic! Superman is quite susceptible to magic attacks, and they render him useless for quite a while.

The Suicide Squad would have to acquire some kind of magical artifact, or better, a magic-user. Maybe then, they could try to defeat the Kryptonian.

  1. Won’t be Able: Appealing to his Humanity.

Superman and Lois Lane

In another situation, where the Man of Steel was not being mind-controlled and was his usual self, then appealing to his humanity might have worked.

Alas! This is not the time.

If the Squad thinks they can simply mention Lois Lane (or Martha) and be done with it, they are going to be very disappointed! Evil Superman won’t be that easily appeased.

Also, viewers need to remember that this is a game, and not a movie or TV show, and the character’s emotions won’t be much of a help in the fight, *cough*BvS*cough*!

  1. Would be Able: Red Sun!

Superman under Red Sun Radiation

Another one of Superman’s weaknesses is the radiation from the Red Sun.

It renders him weak enough to even kill the Kryptonian.

If the Suicide Squad are able to replicate the radiation somehow, that might really come in handy in defeating the Man of Steel.

When he is incapacitated, they can devise a way to break the mind control, and then Superman can be back to being his normal self!

  1. Won’t be Able: With the Current Squad.

The Suicide Squad Line up

Although the current Suicide Squad has quite a line up with Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark, and Deadshot, they are really no match for the Man of Steel themselves.

If they actually had to face him in a fight, Superman would be able to take them out without much difficulty.

So unless they can increase their squad depth with a few more heavy hitters, capable of taking on the Man of Steel, there is really not a lot for them to do!

  1. Would be Able: Batman or Wonder Woman!

Batman and Wonder Woman

Although it is highly unlikely that the Suicide Squad would get help from the other Justice League members, they could be key components to defeat evil Superman.

Batman probably already has a contingency plan placed in case of such a situation, and Diana with her Lasso of Truth can bind the Man of Steel, rendering his useless.

But given that the game is called Kill the Justice League, chances are that those two might be a little occupied as well!

  1. Won’t be Able: Without a Solid Plan.

9 2

Without a proper plan, the squad can very well surrender.

Given the chances that Brainiac is controlling Superman, he would have a plan for everything. Which means, the Squad can’t go guns blazing into this battle.

They will have to think and plan out every possible detail so as not to be caught off guard by the murderous Man of Steel.

Maybe Amanda Waller can help them out in planning this, or even the Dark Knight himself, but again! If he is available, that is.

  1. Would be Able: Defeat Brainiac!


This would probably be the way to go if the Suicide Squad has any chance of getting out of this situation alive.

Given the huge Brainiac ship that we saw during the trailer for the game, we can assume Superman is being mind-controlled by Brainiac.

The best way to solve this problem would be to go at its root.

Instead of tangling with the Man of Steel himself, it would be better if the squad goes and tries to defeat Brainiac directly.

With Superman freed of the mind control, this will all be over in seconds!

  1. Won’t be Able: Stronger Villains.

11 2

Although it would be better if the squad could have someone like Doomsday or Darkseid to help them out in this situation, it is impossible for the Suicide Squad or their boss Amanda Waller, to actually control these villains.

They will only add to the mess, instead of cleaning it.

So as much as we know Doomsday has the capacity to go as far as kill the Man of Steel, it would not be a prudent choice to actually summon him in this situation.

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