“Will Thanos die?” The answer to this question is that it has been clarified in multiple media, but some things are possible, and some things are two completely different issues. The list of Marvel characters who killed Thanos, whether in the form of movies or comics, is very short, and even the list of who defeated Thanos in battle is very unique, including some very surprising names. Whether it is the Mad Titan trying to wield the Infinite Gauntlet, launch the Universe Cube, destroy half of the life in the universe, or some combination of the above, there will always be someone who is willing to oppose him. But would you like to be able to?!!This is a little difficult to guarantee. But eventually, there are several characters in the Marvel Universe that have not only defeated the Mad Titan, but have even showed him the true power of Herosam. So, in an attempt to let fans know who these characters are, we at the Animated Times have compiled a list of 6 of the best characters from the Marvel Universe who have defeated Thanos. Sounds interesting? If so, then let’s hop on the list and find out who these 6 amazing characters were and how they defeated Thanos.

6. Captain Mar-Vell Defeated The Mad Titan With Cosmic Cube In Hand:


When: Captain Marvel issue#33 (1974)

How: With the Space Cube in hand, Thanos absorbs most of the power and then faces off against the Avengers and Captain Marvel. Even though the world’s most powerful heroes were not united, Mar-Vell stood toe-to-toe with the cosmically empowered Mad Titan and defeated Thanos almost entirely on his own.Then he realized that Thanos had carelessly disposed of the Cosmic Cube and that it would be much easier to use it against his enemy rather than to continue to face an exhausted Thanos. With a karate chop to Cuba, Mar-Vell invalidates Thanos and erases all the changes he’s made to the Marvel universe – and not for the last time!

5. Adam Warlock Turned Thanos To Stone:


When: Marvel Two-In-One Annual issue no.#2 (1977)

How: Warlock collides with Thanos along with his friends Gamora and the Pip Troll, but everyone is brutally killed in an experiment by the Mad Titan and their souls are swallowed up in the Soul Gem for theoretically eternal rest. With his soul gem, Thanos walked to the earth, where he wanted to blow away the sun. He defeats and imprisons the Avengers, but they are in turn saved by The Thing and Spider-Man, who also activate the Soul Gem, so he awakens Warlock as a being with pure cosmic energy. This all-powerful Warlock turns Thanos to stone, an act that seems to end him. Warlock then returns to the soul gem for a peaceful afterlife. Both will not be long in the afterlife.

4. A Decked-Out Thor Wielding The Full Odin Force Made Short Work Of The Mad Titan:


When: Thor Vol 2 #25 (2000)

How: Thor notices that Thanos is teaming up with Mangog, an ancient Asgard opponent, to find the appointee, an ancient fortune-teller with extraterrestrial power, which Thanos believes could allow him to control death. At first, Thor and his allies were easily defeated by the Thanos/Mango combination, but then reinforcements arrived. Odin asked the mysterious blacksmith Jagrfelm to forge some new magic items for Thor to use in battle, including shields, handguards and Megingjord, a belt that doubles the strength of the holder. Equipped with these, Thor was able to defeat Thanos and surrender, hammering him mercilessly until the Crazy Titan became a mess, although later writers thought it was a cleverly constructed clone of the real Thanos called “Thanosi.”

3. Squirrel Girl Stomped The Real Thanos For Real:


When: GLX-Mas Special #1 (2006)

How: Even though the exact circumstances of how a squirrel girl defeated Thanos when he came to Earth looking for trouble during a special holiday have been intentionally omitted, what happens next really matters. Previously, Thanos creator Jim Starlin had gone to great lengths to compensate for Thanos’ previous losses in “Thanosi,” a masterpiece, a clone designed specifically to test his opponents – but not this time! Uatu the Watcher was on hand to confirm that the figure lying at a squirrel girl’s feet was “the only real thing than thanos, not a robot, clone, or simulacrum.”Starlin then tries to rewrite this, revealing that Thanos has a “Thanosi” that is so detailed that even observers can’t find it – but everyone knows this is just an excuse for Doreen Green to beat his favorite character.

2. An Alternate Wolverine Cut The Infinity Gauntlet Right Off Thanos’s Hand:


When: What If?: Newer Fantastic Four #1 (2008) [Earth-90266]

How: The new Fantastic Four were still up and running when Thanos from their universe received the Infinity Gauntlet and destroyed half of the population – including their teammate, Ghost Rider. The New FF battles the Mad Titan alongside Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange, and the Silver Surfer after recruiting Iron Man to fill their sudden void.When all their efforts fail, Wolverine decides that it is best to befriend Thanos and offers his devotion and some useful advice on how to woo the dead. Then, just as Thanos was about to touch his skinny lover, Wolverine cut off the Mad Titan’s hand that had the Infinity Gauntlet with his adamantium claws in one fell swoop. Soon enough, Spider-Man uses the Gauntlet to undo Thanos’ entire destruction, and Earth-90266 lives happily ever after.

1. God Emperor Doom Ripped Thanos’s Skeleton Right Out Of His Body:


When: Secret Wars #8 (2015) [Earth-15513]

How: In addition to the denizens of Battleworld, two “rescue rafts” full of mass heroes survived the destruction of the Marvel multiverse – and Thanos the Mad Titan was one of them. After arriving on Battleworld and crossing the land of zombies, Thanos immediately began to gather strength to challenge the Emperor, God Doom’s authority, but it didn’t go according to plan. Thanos boasts that he remains the greatest tyrant and that Doom must submit to him. Nonplussed, Doom tore Thanos’ skeleton from his body and let the rest of the Mad Titan crumble to dust. Thanos had to wait until the end of the Secret War to restore his existence with the rest of the multiverse.

Thus, in the Marvel Universe, there are six characters who have defeated Thanos. By beating Thanos to death, they have severely disappointed the Mad Titan Thanos.What are your thoughts on these Marvel heroes? How did they defeat Thanos? Who is your favorite?Do let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Until then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. So keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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