Marvel fans can’t wait for Avengers 4 to release next year to see how the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes change the effects of Thanos’ deadly snap and bring back the heroes who turned to dust at the end of Infinity War.

However, Thanos isn’t the most powerful character out there, though he might be one of the most feared ones. If we look at the comics, you might just be surprised where he ranks. He is strong-willed and determined, but he isn’t unbeatable. He has been taken down several times since in the comic books. Today we will discuss 6 DC characters who can easily take out Thanos (and 1 Who actually did)

7. The Presence
The Presence is definitely the most powerful being in the DC universe. He’s like the God in DC, and has no physical form but manifests himself as a suited gentleman of leisure, complete with a moustache and hat.

His powers are also pretty much God-like and you just can’t bring him down.

6. Spectre
Spectre; DC Comics’ cosmic, mystical, metaphysical judge of all who crosses his path. To put the Spectre’s power bluntly, he has the abilities of a god, though they are limited to his duties as a judging spirit. However, it’s not far-fetched that The Spectre would be assigned to rid the multi-verse of Thanos, which would, in turn, grant him all the power needed to do so.

Since the Spectre is given all the powers, abilities and tools needed to complete a task assigned to him, he would have everything to defeat Thanos just due to the fact that he has to face him. Though the Specter does have a weakness to magic and reality-warping forces that rival his own, he could easily take care of Thanos.

5. Superman
This version of Superman from the 853rd Century if faces Thanos, the fight would be over before it began.

This Superman emerged from the heart of the sun where he resided since the 21st Century. He even became a living extension of the sun, which increased his powers. Multiply the powers of Superman by a factor of 10 billion and you are barely close to the levels of power Superman Prime One Million possesses.

4. The Flash
The Flash has been one of the most important characters since years in the DC universe. His ability to travel through time and to other dimensions have landed him a role alongside Superman and others in the Justice League. He has even opened up the DC Multiverse with his speed. Although he is not powerful enough, he runs very fast, and the results for these abilities are greater than what you thought.

The Flash could easily tap into the Speed Force and run fast and even if Thanos had the Gauntlet, Barry Allen could simply outrun him and remove it before any damage was done.

3. Darkseid
Thanos is basically Marvel’s Darkseid. Created around the same time, both stand as the “biggest bads” in their respective universes.

In terms of power, Darkseid is an immortal god who can manipulate matter and energy, teleport, fire Omega beams, and has a slew of other skills, tactics, and abilities he would use to literally destroy Thanos into bits.

2. Damage
This is like DC’s version of the Hulk who is much stronger than The Hulk himself. Damage has about all the abilities of the Hulk and was once even able to hold back Wonder Woman and is seemingly more powerful than Superman.

On one occasion, Damage was able to stop the Flash in his tracks and broke the Green Lantern constructs with very little effort. With so much power, he can easily give Thanos a tough time.

1. Actually Defeated Him: Kyle Rayner
Yes, you read it right. Out of all the characters listed, It’s Kyle Rayner who actually took down Thanos. For readers who don’t know, Kyle Rayner once became one of the strongest Green Lanterns after he bonded with Ion.

After getting imbued with all that energy of all the Green Lanterns, he became one of the strongest superheroes in the entire universe. He then had the ability to drain energy from others, which was his strategy for taking down the Mad Titan, who just seemed helpless in the process.

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