While superheroes are usually combined with bright colors and healthy heroes, this is not always the case. Certain comics are getting darker-darker-faster than you would anticipate. Even the world’s most popular and adored heroes do not always have a happy ending. There are some stories in which the fate of our heroes is so dismal as Hell, with endless multiverses and bizarre variations of every character. Whether you are the man of steel or the Incredible Hulk, there’s no strength to spare you from your own misdeeds’ existential terror. These are the frightening facts of the future, in which heroes take more time than fighting, and frankly, they are difficult to embrace. So yes, these are the 6 Superheroes’ Most Depressing Future Versions. Sounds interesting? If yes, then let’s hop down the list and find out why these superheroes’ future selves are the most depressed.

6. ‘Hulk: The End’ Sees A Lonely Hulk As The Last Living Being On Earth:


Each tale ends – even Hulk’s. The bulk of life on Earth in this future wasteland was destroyed by an atomic war. He travels around the country and is fighting to accept that everyone he loves is gone. Bruce Banner is one of the few survivors. An extraterrestrial robot helps him deal with reality and warns him that, sooner or later, he too will die. Finally, a group of gigantic, radioactive cockroaches assaults Banner. He becomes the Hulk, but becomes overpowered as the cockroaches devour him alive. Thanks to his amazing recovery, he survives the experience, and Banner watches Hulk’s video devoured afterwards. He concludes that he wants to put a stop to everything, but Hulk always prevents him. Eventually, Banner’s human portion manages to expire, only leaving Hulk. The green behemoth is relieved at first to get rid of the banner, but then he adds, “Hulk… that’s the strongest one. Hulk’s… there’s just one. Just one… there’s… there’s. The Hulk is chilly. He feels cold. ”

5. Old Man Logan Is Traumatized After He Accidentally Slays His Fellow X-Men:


Wolverine is a combatant, yet even the strongest combatant may sometimes be beaten down. Wolverine appears in Old Man Logan in a future where most of the heroes and villagers dominate the world. Logan himself has given up his heroic existence and is no longer called Wolverine. When the narrative starts, in decades, he has not used his claws and lives with his family until the Hulk kills them. He finally put Hawkeye back into action, and we discover, first of all, how miserable he was. In the event that the heroes were wiped out, Logan played a crucial, though horrible, role. While protecting Xavier’s academy, he became mindful of his colleagues becoming enemy fighters. Before understanding his error, he destroyed all his fellow X-Men.

4. Silver Surfer Is A Captive Battery In ‘Old Man Quill’:


The Silver Surfer frequently resided in a gritty region, functioning according to history as a hero or a villain. But in the Old Man Quill series, the surfer performs a totally different function, since he has basically become a battery. We discover that the Surfer was abducted and sent to help the devouring Galacts, the Universal Church of Truth. The church leaks the cosmic energy of the Silver Surfer and feeds it into Galacts, making it extraordinarily strong. The Silver Surfer is locked in his inactive way, and can not do anything but connect with Mantis mentally.

3. Old Man Quill Is The Last Survivor Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy, And He Has Depressing Hallucinations:


Peter Quill is most known as a smart, lively cowboy, but Old Man Quill is nothing but plucky. Most of the heroes of the universe were exterminated in the future, but Quill is one of the rare survivors. Although at the beginning of the series we see him battling alongside his fellow Galaxy Guardians, it is clear Quill is hallucinating, and all his other Galaxy Guards are dead. We discover that the Imperial Guards killed Drax, while the Gladiator picked up the Mantis and Rocket. In a prior mission, Groot was murdered, and every guardian held Quill to account.

2. Retired Robin Is Forever Ruined By Joker In ‘Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker’:


Tim Drake has a very difficult time like Robin in the DC Animated Universe. We can witness an elder Drake in Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker, who cut off all links with his Robin alter identity. He also scares Batman, mostly because he met the Joker, who left him scared psychologically. When Drake was Batman’s youthful companion, he was brought to the Joker, who turned him into the Clown Prince of Crime, “Joker Junior.” Batman thought that his young guard had been rehabilitated after Drake’s release and his physical and psychological assistance. Unfortunately, Drake’s microchip has covertly been placed by the Joker to physically and mentally alter Drake. Drake tries like the new Joker to kill Terry McGinnis, the new Batman. McGinnis can cure him, but the elderly man’s suffering is profoundly scarred. It is indicated that the side effects of Joker’s scheme may never be overcome, but the hero is commended for his excellent performance as the new Batman.

1. Future Flash Tries To Save Wally West With Time Travel, But Accidentally Ends Him Instead:


Flash is a totally different guy than us now, about 20 years in the future. After Wally West’s disappearance, Barry Allen is an unstoppable slayer who offers enemies a wrong way to save Wally. Flash feels that murdering villagers will give him the power to travel back in time and prevent the West from disappearing, but this scheme shoots back. His actions have brought him into conflict with his past self, while he succeeds in returning in time. Future Flash ends up killing not just his own history, but also Wally West.

So yeah, these are the 6 Superheroes’ Most Depressing Future Versions. Well, what to say man? These superheroes have really been depressed and it looks like these guys have suffered a lot. So what do you people think about these 6 superheroes’ most depressing future versions? Did you feel sorry for these superheroes? Please give us your valuable thoughts in the comments section below and do let us know your thoughts on these future versions of superheroes in the comments section below. Till then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. Keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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