Post a terrific start with petrifying storylines and plot twists, Game of Thrones went slightly downhill ending with a final season that came out as a disappointment to most of the fans. A few things that fans didn’t like about the last season were Jamie’s lackluster deaths, Daenerys’ descent in turning into the ‘Mad Queen’, Cersei, and King’s Landing.

While moments like Jaime knighting Brienne, Arya killing the Dragon were some memorable moments from season 8, here are six things fans would change about the final season of Game of Thrones, as per Reddit.

6. Jaime’s Return to Cersei

Jaime returned to Cersei in the final Game of Thrones season
Jaime returned to Cersei in the final Game of Thrones season

Game of Thrones fans loved when Jaime decided to defy Cersei and join the fight against the Army of the Dead. However, after the Battle of Winterfell was won, Jaime went back to her. This was something fans hated about the final season as it undid his evolution, placing him right where he had begun.

In a post about things they’d change in the final Game of Thrones season, Reddit user Roscoe_King said that Jaime’s arc can be fixed by killing Brienne during the battle so Jamie feels ‘lonely and has no more role to play, thereby deciding to convince Cersei to surrender.’ This keeps the end result the same, but in a more acceptable way. Instead, the show reflected how much he loved Cersei, despite her flaws.

5. The Night King’s Defeat

Arya killing The Night King
Arya killing The Night King

One of the best moments of the final season came when the Night King was about to kill Bran, but gets killed by Arya instead. Although we all expected an epic battle between Jon Snow and Night King, the surprising plot twist had an amazing maneuver from Arya which made the death more satisfying.

However, it also made fans wonder how Arya made her way through the army without anyone stopping her. Reddit user netflixaholic suggested that “Arya still kills the NK in the exact way in the show except it only works because the NK is distracted while he and his minions fight Jon, Theon, and Gendry.”

Other fans also added Jaime to the list so all notable houses work together to take out the Night King.


4. Cersei’s Death

Cersei in Game of Thrones
Cersei in Game of Thrones

After the cryptic prophecy by Melisandre to Arya about her shutting blue, brown and green eyes forever, many fans anticipated Cersei’s death to be one of the most brutal kills by Arya.

Reddit user PlusSideOfThings suggested that “when Arya and the Hound leave for KL, they end up bumping into Jaime. She takes his face and kills Cersei.”

Jaime taking his sister out was a well-known fan theory, based on the prophecies from all the books and this change would have given her death a greater impact.

3. Daenerys’ Death

Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8
Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8

After the King’s Landing was destroyed by Daenerys, killing most of its citizens mercilessly, she became the last villain standing in Game of Thrones. Once it was realised by Jon Snow that she is beyond any reason, he took her out.

Many fans disliked her transition into the ‘Mad Queen’ and her death that followed. Redditor croweskii commented, “the Dany thing was so rushed I’d almost rather she got killed off by the NK or during the war with Cersei before she went mad.”


2. The length of the season

Game of Thrones had a slow pacing
Game of Thrones had a slow pacing

The final season of Game of Thrones had six episodes that tied up various fan theories and storylines, as well as some plots.

Reddit user Drummer829 commented that the plotlines of season 8 were okay but “this season should have been 10 episodes with more focus on the [White Walkers].”

While some elements of the last season were good, there could have been some extra episodes to tie all ends up.

1. The Pacing of the season

Game of Thrones was criticised for its structure by fans
Game of Thrones was criticized for its structure by fans

While some fans didn’t enjoy the final season, a few felt that the story wasn’t so bad and there could have been better pacing.

Reddit user SinthoseXanataz suggested that “make it 10 episodes and expand upon the existing stories and it would have been great.”

Much of the final season ended in a rush, especially after the Battle of Winterfell making many things that happened seem out of character and forced.

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