Social media can be a brutal place, especially for celebrities in the public eye. Being in the spotlight means they often face criticism and negativity from all corners. However, some celebrities have a knack for handling it like pros. Instead of letting the haters get them down, they shut down negativity with sharp wit and a good dose of humor.

Rihanna in a still from Love On The Brain

Well, Rihanna is a prime example of a celebrity who knows how to handle haters with flair! She’s definitely earned her title as the queen of clapbacks. It’s because whenever someone tries to throw shade her way, she’s quick to fire back with some seriously witty and savage responses.

Rihanna’s Most Epic Moments Shutting Down Critics Online

Rihanna in a still from Needed Me
Rihanna in a still from Needed Me

Rihanna has had some epic moments on social media where she absolutely owned her critics with her savage comebacks. Here are the six times when she proved it.

1. Shutting Down the Shamers

Rihanna has always been unapologetically herself, and that includes being open about her choices. Back in 2012, MTV tweeted (now-deleted) an article about the hitmaker’s Coachella photos with a caption, “Rihanna’s Marijuana Photos From Coachella Spark Controversy.”

The Diamond star’s response? She simply tweeted back, “Yikes… @Rihanna ran out of f*cks to give.” Her tweet was the perfect wisecrack, making it clear that she isn’t going to apologize for living her life on her own terms.

2. Keeping it Real

Celebrities are often expected to maintain a perfect image, but Rihanna makes it clear that’s not happening. When the late talk show host Joan Rivers criticized her for loving Chris Brown, the now 36-year-old responded, “wow u really do get slow when you’re old, huh?”

She called out Rivers for being out of touch. The pop-star pointed out that aging might have made the late host less aware.

3. More Than Just a Pretty Face

Rihanna’s comebacks aren’t just funny; sometimes they’re really sharp, too. When singer Ciara tried to challenge her on social media, the Barbados native hit back with a perfect burn: “Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of.” Bad Gal RiRi wasn’t bothered by the Oh star’s challenge and was confident in her own achievements.

4. Savagery with a Smile

Rihanna’s mastery of retorts was on full display when a user named @devilworshipper attacked her character. In a tweet, the user hurled insults, writing (via ChunRihStan), “@rihanna a h*e right? yeah she suck drake d*ck & eminem d*ck! eww she is a big time h*e.”

To this, the mom of two simply replied, “u left out a few.” This short yet impactful response perfectly deflected the negativity, leaving the user with nothing more to say.

5. The Most Epic One

Rihanna’s quips aren’t always fiery declarations. Take her response to Kendall Jenner‘s tweet. In 2013, the model expressed disappointment if RiRi doesn’t perform a specific song.

Minutes later, the then 25-year-old singer took to her Instagram and simply wrote, “Well don’t come.” It implies that The Barbadian Beauty’s show must go on regardless of someone prominent’s attendance.

6. No Label Defines RiRi

Similarly, when a Twitter user insulted her, writing (via ChunRihStan), “@rihanna is such a b*tch,” the pop-singer replied, “right! she’s a bare c*nt.” 

By playfully agreeing with “right!”, she took power away from the insult. It shows the Fenty Beauty founder is comfortable with herself and doesn’t shy away from such labels.

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