As soon as Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman debuted on Supergirl, all bets were on which other characters could make their way onto CW’s Arrowverse. While fans have been dying for a Batman debut in the Arrowverse, CW officials have denied his debut anytime soon. However, many Batman characters have already been introduced in the Arrowverse so far and Supergirl has also dropped various hints that Batman does exist in the Arrowverse.

Whether he debuts on Earth-38 or Earth-1, his inclusion would be really exciting for all fans. He could be used by CW in a guest star role as we all know he won’t be getting his own show on the network. So today we have shortlisted 7 actors who could play the iconic Batman role onscreen.

7. Sam Witwer
Sam Witwer has played Doomsday on Smallville and has also appeared on Battlestar Galactica. The 39-year old actor has also voiced Darth Maul on Star Wars: Rebels and has also played a vampire in Being Human remake.

While the actor hasn’t appeared on the Arrowverse yet, it might change anytime soon. Witwer has the look and experience to easily slide into the role of the Dark Knight. We have already seen various fan arts posted by the actor himself on Twitter where he could be seen as the Batman.

6. Enver Gjokaj
Enver Gjokaj reprised the role of Agent Daniel Sousa on Agent Carter. He wasn’t a superhero like Captain America but was a noble and strong man. His character was handicapped but that didn’t stop him from showing his excellent detective and combat skills.

He has chiselled features and dark black hair which makes him appear as Bruce Wayne. With Agent Carter being already cancelled, this might be the right time for him to grace our screen.

5. Aidan Turner
33-year old Turner is an Irish actor best known for his role in The Hobbit trilogy and playing the role of Mitchell in Being Human.

Aidan is tall, dark and has the mysterious qualities one would expect in someone for the role of Bruce Wayne. Not only this, but he has got serious acting skills to create a serious Batman for TV.

4. Dylan Bruce
Dylan Bruce is best known for his role in The sci-fi show Orphan Black and his defined chin would look really good with the cowl. His character on Orphan Black had all necessary elements for a Batman role: fighting, brooding and wooing the ladies.

He has also appeared on Arrow before as attorney Adam Donner although he didn’t take part in any action sequences in the show.

3. Anson Mount
Anson Mount’s name has been associated with the Dark Knight in the past. Earlier when Zack Snyder was looking for the right guy for Batman, Anson emerged as a favourite although things didn’t go his way.

Mount is a spitting image of Bruce Wayne from the comics. He even has the same eyes and jawline that we see in the animated Batman series.

2. David Boreanaz
Boreanaz’s name surfaced at the time when Christopher Nolan was looking to cast someone for the role. With the news of Bones wrapping up soon, Boreanaz cannot find a better gig than Bruce Wayne. He already has a loyal following and he seemed tailored for the role on the CW.

He’s a young looking 47, so having him appear as Batman makes sense, as his onscreen presence would blend well with the current slate of CW actors.

1. Eion Bailey
The 40-year old actor actually auditioned for Nolan’s Batman Begins. He even wore the Batman costume, giving us a hint of what he’d look like. Even though he didn’t land up with the role, we think that he’s best suited for the Batman role in the Arrowverse.

With shows like Ray Donovan and a recurring role on Once Upon A Time, Bailey never got that breakout role that he would have had to play Batman. Getting a nice suit as Batman would be an extremely satisfying conclusion for Bailey!

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