There’s enough to love about Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse, as we get to see tons of comic book characters in live-action. Every season, tons of new characters are teased. In season six of Arrow, we heard about Bruce Wayne while in the third season for Legends of Tomorrow, Zari flew to Themyscira. Over the years, Arrowverse has rewarded fans with all kinds of references to the comics.

Today we will discuss those Arrowverse characters who do exist, but most fans didn’t notice.

7. The Spectre
This character did not appear on The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl. Instead, he was introduced in the now-cancelled NBC series, Constantine. Just like the comics, Jim Corrigan was a detective.

At the time he was introduced, he didn’t have any powers but Constantine’s colleague had a vision of him being surrounded and possessed by a green mist.

6. Chloe Sullivan
During the Supergirl flashback episode titled “Midvale”, we got to see Kara and Alex bonding with each other as sisters. In one of their conversations, Kara mentions Chloe, who is Clark’s friend. She even referenced her “wall of weird”.

This is a reference to Chloe Sullivan, an original character created for ABC’s Smallville. Sullivan created a “wall of weird” after weird events started happening in Smallville.

5. Aquaman
Aquaman cannot be used but this doesn’t mean that the Arrowverse can’t acknowledge his presence. The second season of The Flash gave a couple of nods to the King of Atlantis.

Barry’s parents from Earth-2 always wanted to visit Atlantis and even Hunter Zoloman mentioned that his best friend is from Atlantis.

4. Alan Scott Aka Green Lantern
This came out during the second season of Legends of Tomorrow, when we came across the Justice Society of America. One of its members was Obsidian, also known as Todd Rice.

In the comics, Rice was Alan Scott’s son, who happens to be the Golden Age Green Lantern. Scott never appeared on the Arrowverse but actor Lance Henrikson confirmed that he is indeed Green Lantern’s son.

3. Cheetah
In season three of The Flash, Barry had to take help from Leonard Snart to save Iris from Savitar. The two broke into ARGUS facility to find the Dominator’s power source and while searching, they passed by a few cells, which were used to keep Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

One of these cells belonged to Cheetah. Cheetah was a Wonder Woman villain in the comics and will be making her onscreen debut soon with Wonder Woman 1984.

2. Lobo
In the first season of Supergirl, former Fort Rozz prisoners were being killed by an unknown executioner. J’onn suggested that they could be dealing with a bounty hunter here.

Alex, here, had someone particular in mind. However, J’onn claimed that if Lobo was in town, they’d know. Later in “Crisis On Earth-X”, Alex inquired if the alien Kara fought was of Czarnian origin. The only surviving Czarian in the comics is Lobo. So, this is a clear nod to him.

1. Dick Grayson
In “Freakshow” Episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends find themselves in 1870. This episode is full of nods to DC comics characters like B’Wana Beast, Flying Graysons and King Tut.

When the Legends visit Barnum’s Circus, they find acrobats dressed in red, yellow and green costume, which has to be a reference to the Flying Graysons. This means that Dick Grayson does exist in the Arrowverse.

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