In these trying times of the Coronavirus pandemic, along with the negatives, there have been quite a few positives. People have been doing whatever little they can to make things better for the rest of the world.


An illustrator has come up with a comic strip trying to shed light and focus on the pandemic superheroes of our times. The ones who are really doing everything they can to make things better.

Artist Dustin Rogers aka dustinteractive from Columbus, Ohio created these comic strips to honor these unsung heroes. And he could not be more right!

1. Medical Professionals


Medical professionals around the world are fighting day and night to save every life that comes through the doors. They have been helping all those infected in these trying times. These are our true heroes, who are helping others without being selfish in times like this!

2. Parents


Pandemic gave way to lockdown. Around the world, everything was closed – including schools and offices. Which means kids are at home, trying on this new thing called online classes. Which also means parents are also trying to understand how to help their kids through this. Absolute heroes!

3. Grocery Store Staff


Grocery store staffs who come to do their job every day without complaints, so that the shop is not closed and people can get the things they need. They are also humans, but still they are trying to help everyone out with things like always and that is always commendable.

4. Doordash Delivery Guy


With lockdown people have been buying stuff online so that we have to go out of our homes as less as possible. But that also means someone is out there trying to deliver us all our things in time so that we don’t face the uncharted outside world. This thankless job deserves our complete respect.

5. Common People With Common Sense


When the lockdown started, or when it was announced, people around the world ran to stores to stock up things they would need. Some went a bit over board when news spread of a handful people who were trying to hoard toilet paper like the apocalypse was on us. But there are also those people who use their common senses, and only take things they need so everyone can have some.

6. People With Sense of Safety


Washing our hands, wearing masks, and keeping a safe distance from each other should be mandated by all. But sometimes people overlook these things in their haste and that can turn out to be one of the worst mistakes of their lives. So salute to those who are doing the littlest of things to make the biggest of changes.

7. Everyone!


And finally, the artist honors everyone – all those who are keeping their cool in such times. When in adversity, we as humans have a tendency to lose our temper and end up doing things that might harm us in the long run. So everyone who has been holding on to their sanity, and those who have been helping others holding theirs – a big thank you!

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