Since the early ’60’s, X-Men has featured many mutants, but very few are as beloved as Rogue. Introduced in 1981, she went on to become an X-Men regular very soon. She has been a member of X-amen, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Treme X-Men.

She has been a hero and a villain and has interesting powers which have increased substantially over the years. She can absorb the powers of other characters by making a physical contact with the person. Over the years, she has pulled some really impressive powers from several teammates and villains. Today we will reveal 7 powers that she has absorbed.

Absorption of Personality
Rogue can even take a person’s personality if she holds him/her for long. The results of this have been totally devastating at times.

When she takes someone’s powers, their personality can stay in mind forever. This is exactly what happened when Rogue tried taking Carol Danvers’ powers.

Mystique’s Powers
Mystique and Rogue have a complicated past, as Mystique raised her but she raised her to be like her: evil. Eventually, Rogue set herself free but there were a lot of occasions when she took her mother’s powers for one reason or another.

Once Rogue took over Mystique’s powers and used them to shapeshift into herself. She even tried to understand Mystique better.

Thor’s Powers
Rogue once grabbed The Thunder God and took his powers from him.

She used his abilities to kick butts of all the Avengers and although she couldn’t absorb his worthiness to carry Mjolnir, she managed to weaken Thor by taking his powers.

Wolverine’s Powers
Rogue has used Logan’s healing ability on a lot of occasions over the years. She has used this skill, but mostly with his permission.

Logan once healed Rogue after she got succumbed to Magneto’s machine attack. He held her close to his body and transferred all his powers into her.

Scarlet Witch’s Powers
You can’t get badder than Wanda Maximoff in terms of power. She has gone to recreate the universe on many occasions, even going far enough to almost wipe out all mutations.

In Uncanny Avengers #2, she tried using Wanda’s powers but nothing happened. She had the powers but lacked the ability to use them.

Z’Cann’s Induced Mutation
Rogue can acquire someone’s powers, but only for a limited time. She could hold on long enough to put someone into a coma, but in most cases, the powers fade. This limits her but when she touched a Skrull, things changed a bit.

After touching Z’Cann, Rogue’s powers mutated more and she could recall all powers she has absorbed before. They were temporary but made her a lot more efficient than ever.

Absorption of life
When Rogue touches someone, she borrows her memories, health, personality and superpowers. Although it’s for a short period of time, she can put someone into a coma if desired. This is exactly what happened in Captain Marvel’s case, but for a normal human, it could be way more dangerous.

Without powers, these people would succumb to her touch faster than her usual targets which could easily result in their passing or coma.

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