The X-Men are a really popular superhero group in history. They made their onscreen debut way before Avengers. The X-Men comics serve as a wonderful stepping stone for many of us and the X-Men roster is understandably filled with really popular characters. Even casual movie-goers are aware of characters like Rogue, Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier.

Even the X-Men villains are pretty popular as over the years, many of them have played heroes when needed. So, today we will enlist 7 most controversial Mutants to have joined the ranks of the X-Men.

7. Lifeguard
Heather Cameron is another mutant with really weird abilities. She was once a surfer and lifeguard and can detect danger to human life. She can morph herself according to the danger and save people accordingly.

She’s like a cross between Darwin and Mystique, but it’s the limitless extent of her morphing ability that throws us off the table. She has even had her legs turning into a fishtail.

6. Marrow
Marrow has worked with the Morlocks, X-Men and X-Force. Her mutant ability causes her to experience accelerated growth of the bones. In fact, her bones stick out to her like giant quills. Although she eventually learned how to control the size and strength of the bones, she’s just an overgrown porcupine.

She uses her excessive bones as weapons and also has hyper-accelerated metabolism and a healing factor.

5. Jubilee
Jubilee has the ability to shoot sparklers from her fingertips. Her power is actually kind of pretty and she makes every day feel like it’s the Fourth of July.

However, this doesn’t make sense in terms of evolution. Probably, this is why she’s never featured for more than a minute in any X-Men film.

4. Skin
His codename suggests that he’s going to be really weird, something that he is. His real name is Angelo Espinosa and is X-Men’s answer to Mr Fantastic. He has the weird ability to compress the extra flesh on him and use the same to swing, grab and even jump rope with.

It’s cool but disgusting, something that even Quicksilver has stated in the comics. When he’s not holding his skin, it just unfolds and hangs out.

3. Deadpool
Everything about Deadpool is controversial. He is synonymous with over the top violence and profanity. He was originally created to be a parody of DC character Deathstroke.

This is obvious if we look at his codename (Dead=Death and Stroke=Pool) and even his name (Wade Wilson) is similar to Slade Wilson in the DC mythos. Over the years, Deadpool has worked with the X-Men on various occasions.

2. Emma Frost
Emma Frost has been controversial for her attire: her cosplay of ’50 shades of gray’ and her wardrobe has just gotten weirder with every year.

She’s a barely reformed supervillain and fans have spent years watching her going against X-Men. But she has joined the X-Men, making critics wonder if she isn’t more villain than a hero.

1. X-23
X-23 is a fan-favourite and has impressed many as a sidekick and a superhero. However, there are some aspects of her origin that remain controversial.

She started in the cartoon X-Men: Evolution before debuting in the comics which rubbed fans the wrong way. Later she took the moniker of Wolverine after Logan passed away.

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