It’s not just the superpowers that help a superhero but sometimes, they need tools to seize the day. All fans have gotten used to Marvel launching new superhero armor tech. They have an armored hero in Iron Man and they also have War Machine, Ironheart and more. Well, you may say that most of their characters, if not half, are made up of heavy metal.

While DC may not have the Star power that Marvel has, but they’re no losers when it comes to tech suits. Over the years, DC has also introduced many impressive suits and tech. Today, we will tell you about 7 most powerful suits in the DC universe.

7. Batman Beyond
This was when Bruce aged to a point when being The Dark Knight became untenable and he started finding ways to avoid putting up the cape. After retirement, his improved and new Batsuit sat on the shelf for about 20 years.
Terry McGinnis donned the suit in 2039. This suit improves strength, shoots different Batarangs, surveillance and flight.

6. Ikon Suit
In Deathstroke’s early days, Slade Wilson found a new outfit made by David Ishwerwood. This suit has gravity sheath that can be manipulated in a way that allows him to flight repdefensecks.
The defence system is also pretty strong and makes Wilson impervious to almost everything. However, it has one flaw: its advanced AI can be hacked but that’s not easy when you’re an assassin lurking in the shadows.

5. Lex Luthor’s Warsuit
Luthor operated behind the scenes for over two decades post Crisis, using his vast resources to make Superman’s life tough. However, in Infinite Crisis, Luthor came with a war-suit that increased his strength and offered him weapons that helped him deal with Superman.
He even used this suit to emulate the Man of Steel but came back to original ways in the current Justice League series.

4. Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour
Making its first appearance in Kingdom Come miniseries by Alex Ross and Mark Waid, this armour was introduced to the DC’s main line by Pallas.
This grants Diana the power of flight and protects her from attacks. She doesn’t need to wear this, given that she’s the Wonder Woman but if she does, you know things have gotten real.

3. Hellbat
Batman always has a plan for everything and this suit was designed using the help of the entire Justice League team.
It was forged in the sun, giving Bruce strength, flight and the ability to create weapons. It was tested by The Dark Knight in a fight against the Darkseid.

2. Anti-Justice League armour
This armour is basically what happens when Bruce decided to update his suit. Introduced in the “Endgame” storyline by Scott Snyders and Greg Capullo, this suit was used by Batman after Joker finds a way to control the minds of his fellow JL teammates.
It had weapons equivalent to those of Wonder Woman and miniaturised the power of red suns that even allowed him to go against Superman if needed.

1. Entropy Aegis
This suit made its debut during the “Our Worlds At War” storyline which saw the Gods granting John Henry Irons with an army. Darkseid tricked this suit with Apokolips tech, and we rarely got to witness its full power.
It was ridiculously powerful, giving John the ability to redirect and absorb all sorts of energies and teleport across the universe.

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