Villains with cosmic powers are often next-level threats to their superhero enemies. The 60s and 70s saw a rise in such characters from other worlds and even other universes. Soon, there’s wasn’t just the Marvel Universe, but the Multiverse and the dimensions in-between. Cosmic villains have the ability to reorder time, shoot balls of radiation and even manipulate matter. Their powers are far superior to the supervillains of Earth, for they aren’t governed by the law of its gravity or science.

However, with more cosmic villains getting introduced, each having their own set of abilities, it became unclear how their powers were going to get moderated. So today we will enlist 7 most powerful Cosmic villains in the Marvel Universe.

7. Dormammu
Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension and is an amalgamation of supernatural, mystical and cosmic properties. He’s a threat to life and the universe, every time he attempts to leave his Realm of Darkness.

He can shapeshift to anything and control almost all sorts of energy across space and time. He’s the strongest in the Dark Dimension and is powered by the worship of his followers.

6. Mephisto
This villain is based on the Faustian lord and is seen as the biggest foe of Silver Surfer. Over the years, he has fought many battles against supervillains and superheroes alike.

He can manipulate dark magic and dark energies in the cosmos. He can also absorb the energy of those around him and can use their life forces to manipulate his shape and reality around him.

5. The Phoenix Force
The Phoenix Force began its life in the void between the states of existence after bonding with Jean Grey in “The Dark Phoenix” saga. It remains as one of the greatest villains in the Marvel mythos till date.

While the Force has had many hosts over the years, it has mostly torn apart heroes and even destroyed entire planets.

4. The Beyonder
Making his debut in 1984’s Secret Wars, The Beyonder is an infinite dimensional entity. He’s a humanoid manifestation of the Beyond Realm. His powers are said to dwarf that if the entire multiverse combined.

The Beyonder can be found studying Earth, even creating a planet called Battworld where he forces Marvel heroes and villains to keep fighting endlessly.

3. Thanos
The Mad Titan is known to be a ruthless warrior who is compelled to pursue his goal of attaining all six Infinity Stones. He’s one of the biggest threats to have existed in the Marvel Universe.

Although he’s not as powerful as other cosmic entities in terms of stamina and strength, he’s a destroyer of worlds that has shown enough drive to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet and wield it without hesitating.

2. Abraxas
In the series, Galactus, the Devourer in 1999, he loses his life after Silver Surfer turns his life-consuming machines on him. He turned into a star but this wasn’t it. His death allowed Abraxas to come in the scene and no one wanted this. Abraxas is the representative of destruction and once Galactus was dead, he started his spree of destruction. Galactus was brought back to life by Franklin Richards and Valeria Von Doom and this got Reed Richards in trouble as he faced many trials for bringing back Galactus to life but was saved by Eternity who insisted that his resurrection was necessary to kill Abraxas.

He’s powerful beyond human understanding and is a cosmic being who can manipulate the very fabric of reality and time, bending it to his own will.

1. Galactus
Galactus is one of the strongest entities of the Universe due to his connection to the Power Cosmic. Though not always a villain, he is often a foe of the Fantastic Four.

Other than his obvious size and strength, Galactus can also manipulate matter and energy. He is known to be a devourer of planets. Galactus is also known to use “Heralds” as a way of announcing his arrival to a planet. Even Silver Surfer, Galactus’ most famous herald could greatly damage Thanos.

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