In DC, Justice League Dark still remains a relatively new squad of heroes. It was created by Peter Milligan and appeared at the start of the New 52 era, debuting in Justice League Dark #1. Characters like Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and Shade the Changing Man were present in the original team. Ever since the team has continued to expand and their goal is to manage cases that are beyond Justice League’s purview. Such cases usually fall under the category of mystical in nature.

Justice League Dark is a chock-full of characters who are formidable beyond any measure. However, lesser powerful characters also fill the ranks of the Justice League Dark. So today we have shortlisted 7 of the most powerful members of the team, officially ranked.

7. Etrigan the Demon
The 2017’s JL Dark animated film marked his debut and now he’s rumoured to feature amongst Justice League Dark ranks in the live-action film and is also set to appear in LEGO DC Super-Villains.

He’s a demon bound to the human form of Jason Bloof. He is immortal and can cast spells, project hellfire, teleport and has super strength. Sorcery grants him telekinesis, myriad and mind control.

6. Nightmare Nurse
For this character, one action of hers places her on the sixth spot– saving Phantom Stranger’s life. It was she who saved him and restored good health to the Stranger.

However, there are a few tricks in Stranger’s sleeves that she can’t out the match. While both can manipulate reality and teleport, Nurse doesn’t share his psychic or soul absorbing abilities.

5. Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman stars as a team leader in one of the most recent incarnations of the Justice League Dark team. The reason we place her on the fifth spot is that she’s new to the team, and it would be too early to judge her quality as a member.

Had it been any other list, Wonder Woman would have certainly ranked much on the list. However, she has a weakness to magic and reality-bending characters. Although she’s really powerful, she might experience a tough time among DC’s formidable magic wielders.

4. Phantom Stranger
He worked with the Justice League and Sentinels of Magic before joined the JL Dark during the “Forever Evil” storyline in the New 52 crossover event. However, he did not stay with them for long.

His powers are well defined and they are large in number. From teleportation, telepathy, phasing and invisibility to matter manipulation and powers of divinity, this guy has it all! However, the origins of his powers still remain unknown.

3. Madame Xanadu
Xanadu is also an original JLD member who holds immense power that keeps on receiving ample attention. She’s considered as one of the most prestigious magicians in DC and is often involved in the events concerning the supernatural.

Her powers are attributed to her upbringing as the sister to Morgaine le Fey and student of Merlin himself. She is an immortal with abilities like Telepathy and telekinesis among other magic abilities.

2. John Constantine
Constantine has been the go-to guy for magical troubles in DC since long now. Apart from being an excellent paranormal expert and detective, he possesses some amazing magical abilities.

They include spell casting, astral projection, energy projection, hypnosis, demon summoning and necromancy. He’s witty and also a master of manipulation, even tricking Satan once into consuming the holy water.

1. Zatanna
The daughter of Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna’s powers are mostly genetic in nature. And well, they’re unmatched too. She is one of the original members of the JLD and has appeared in every iteration of the team, including various cross-media adventures.

Considering her immense power, her prominence doesn’t come as a surprise. She can travel through dimensions, control the elements, redirect attacks and can even alter reality.

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