Ever since the release of Avengers: Endgame trailer, fans have been coming up with many questions that need to get answered. In a lot of ways, the first glimpse to the mega-crossover keeps the fans more in Dark than we were before it came out. It’s better to have more questions going into a film than less so it’s a good problem we have on our hands.

7 New Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories

The first trailer released just a few days ago, and has already broken its predecessor, Infinity War’s record for the most viewed movie trailer – and has thrown a lot of new fuel on the fan theory bonfire.

Since it has offered fans a first glimpse at the fourth Avengers movie and teased a lot of unexpected plot points, fans have been readjusting their fan theories to suit some of the lines and scenes in the trailer.

7. Ant-Man’s reappearance Is A Ruse

Ant Man
Ant Man

One of the greatest stunners in the Avengers: Endgame trailer is, where it seems like Ant-Man has gotten away from the Quantum Realm and is ringing the doorbell at the Avengers’ HQ.

In any case, one theory recommends the trailer has been altered to delude us about this, on the grounds that the video has a “Document” name in the corner, proposing it’s an old account, notwithstanding what Captain America and Black Widow may state in a different shot about it occurring in the present.

A few fans additionally figure that they can see “1983” composed on the video, recommending time travel back to the ’80s, however, others say the stamping looks more like code like “IS83.”

6. Nebula will end Thanos


Nebula is just highlighted quickly in the Avengers: Endgame trailer, however the daylight theme proceeding from Infinity War appears to propose she’ll assume a huge job in vanquishing Thanos. In addition, it is, by all accounts, the final episode of their broken family’s story circular segment.

Thanos raised Gamora and Nebula. Gamora betrayed Thanos and fled, while Nebula adhered around to serve the Mad Titan. At that point, Gamora and Nebula ran into each other again and they were adversaries.

Be that as it may, at that point Nebula acknowledged what an awful buddy Thanos was and united with Gamora. Thanos had Gamora disposed of to get the Soul Stone. Thus, the following intelligent advance would be: Nebula kills Thanos.

5. Steve Rogers Will Die

Steve Rogers- Captain America
Steve Rogers- Captain America

Chris Evans has officially affirmed his exit from the MCU and said his goodbyes to the establishment months back. The movie producers will experience considerable difficulties disposing of Steve Rogers from the MCU everlastingly without keeping in touch with him in Endgame, so that is by all accounts the way it’s going.

He even says it in the trailer when he’s discussing regardless of whether an arrangement will work with Black Widow and he says, “I don’t what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.”

The Russo bros. have said that there will be plenty more Steve Rogers in the MCU to divert individuals from the supposition that he’ll go, however, these are the same folks who told everybody level out that Avengers 4 would not be called Endgame, so…

4. The title refers to Doctor Strange’s Plan

Doctor Strange- Thanos
Doctor Strange

This is by all accounts the first occasion when that there is a more profound, concealed importance in the title of an MCU film. At the point when Doctor Strange went through 14 million results of the Infinity War and said the Avengers just won in one single reality, he revealed to Tony Stark they were in the “endgame.”

Tony had effectively utilized the expression “endgame” to allude to the danger of being wiped out by an outside power.

Since Avengers: Endgame has been uncovered as the film’s title by the trailer, plainly doctor strange surrendering the Time Stone to Thanos and the Decimation and everything else that appeared to turn out badly was, in reality, each of a piece of Strange’s arrangement.

3. Ant-Man will take the Avengers Into Quantum Realm

Ant Man
Ant Man

One thing a few fans missed about Scott Lang’s return at the Avengers’ HQ is that he’s remaining beside Luis’ van – the van with the passage into the Quantum Realm where he was stranded toward the finish of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Since the Quantum Realm is outside substantial reality, it is, by all accounts excluded from the impacts of the Decimation. In this way, one hypothesis proposes he’s driven the van to the Avengers’ HQ so he can bring the enduring Avengers into the Quantum Realm with him to save every other person.



Imagine a scenario where Thanos was never expected to go inside the Soul Stone and is really caught there in light of the fact that he finished himself with his very own ruinous finger snap. One fan theory proposes that while fans are anticipating that Endgame should be about the Avengers’ battle to overcome the Mad Titan, perhaps he’s now gone.

It would be kind of Shakespearean for this power-crazed tyrant to have turned out to be too powerful to his benefit. Be that as it may, it would give the Avengers nobody to battle in this film – except if Thanos is uncovered to be gone in the initial five minutes. At that point, all of a sudden Adam Warlock appears and the fragmented Avengers don’t have enough individuals to battle him without sparing everybody who vanished.


Iron Man- Tony Stark
Iron Man- Tony Stark

This is presently the main hypothesis dependent on Ant-Man and the Wasp’s post-credits connecting to Infinity War and the stun closure of the Endgame trailer. One Redditor proposes that possibly Thanos didn’t end anybody by any stretch of the imagination.

Or maybe, he split reality into two elective parts and split the populace down the centre. Along these lines, everybody who “passed away” in Infinity War in reality just went to this new 50% of the real world.

Since Scott Lang was in the Quantum Realm when Thanos snapped his fingers, he isn’t fastened to either reality and can hop with one side onto the next and unite everybody back.

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