Nicolas Cage is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. But even the finest ones give out bummers. After all, he’s a human too just like us who can make mistakes or underperform. Actors like Nicolas are overburdened with the pressure of always performing well, but the audience/critics do not always consider the efforts. That can be because either the script was just too bad or the acting wasn’t up to the mark. Throughout his career, Nicolas has given massive hits and established himself. But there are a few movies of him we wish we could just forget. So, here’s a list of Nicolas Cage movies that were a complete bummer. Check it out! Also, let us know in the comments which movie of his is your favorite and which disappointed you.

1. Fire Birds (1990)

Movie: Fire Birds
Movie: Fire Birds

Can you imagine a Nicolas Cage movie getting 10% on Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb rating of 4.8/10? Well, this is true for this movie. Critics feel that this movie was outdated and gave vibes of a video game. It didn’t feel like a “movie” at all. Cage plays a skilled helicopter pilot in the movie who tries to take down one of the largest drug cartels in South America. The plot sounds interesting, however, the movie wasn’t.

2. Pay The Ghost (2015)

Movie: Pay The Ghost Nicolas Cage
Movie: Pay The Ghost

Oh! This is another movie in the 10% Rotten Tomatoes score club. The critics felt the movie was average. They called it the boring retread of “Insidious”. It was said that Nicolas was apathetic about this role, and didn’t look as if he was trying to give his best. He looked lazy, effortless, and boring in the film. The movie revolves around Nicolas’ son disappearing mysteriously. He tries to dig deeper into the matter when he starts experiencing unnatural things.

3. Season Of The Witch (2011)

Movie: Season of the Witch Nicolas Cage
Movie: Season of the Witch

This movie gets 1% extra on the Rotten Tomatoes score from the above two. It lands on an 11% RT score. The critics feel the movie is another forgettable trifle from Cage and they weren’t impressed with the supernatural-fantasy drama. Nicolas plays the Knight who returns to Europe and finds out that the continent has been suffering from the plague. So, what does he have to do to save the people? He has to fight a witch and destroy her powers so that the continent can revive. The plot sounds too backward for 2011, doesn’t it?

4. Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

Movie: Bangkok Dangerous Nicolas Cage
Movie: Bangkok Dangerous

OMG! This movie got an RT score of 8%. The movie received major negative reviews. It was believed to be lifeless and dull. However, they do believe that the action scenes were good. But overall, the film received backlash for being boring. The critics as well as the audience weren’t pleased with the acting performances also!

5. Outcast (2014)

Movie: Outcast Nicolas Cage
Movie: Outcast

This is even worse. It got an RT score of 4%. Even though it’s an adventurous film, it was not worth it. The critics felt that the storyline was shallow and the characters weren’t written well too! In the movie, Nicolas is a warrior named Gallain who pairs up with the children of a dethroned Chinese ruler. They attempt to overthrow their tyrant brother.

6. Left Behind (2014)

Movie: Left Behind Nicolas Cage
Movie: Left Behind

The movie got an RT score of 1%. The movie is believed to be nonsensical. It is about millions of people being disappeared from the Earth without any notice. Cage plays Ray Steele, an airline pilot who tries to save passengers who are on board. Many people watched it for Nicolas Cage. However, even he couldn’t save the boat from drowning. The movie was terrible.

7. Grand Isle (2019)

Movie: Grand Isle Nicolas Cage
Movie: Grand Isle

Why is this at the bottom of the list? This movie got an RT score of 0%. The score speaks for itself. It is believed that the movie has a tedious pace and an incoherent plot. This movie is currently Nicolas Cage’s lowest-rated movie. He plays the role of a young father, Walter, who is being charged with a murder he swears he didn’t commit. Rest is for you to watch if you want to!

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