Each actor given a role as a superhero dependably has different actors with fan bases who need their person in that job. We’re forever discontent with what we get and come up with dreams of what another person may have been like in a specific part.

These are commonly innocuous as the dominant part of actors cast in their separate jobs have been grand slams. A great deal of these actors wasn’t commonly viewed as normal to fill the role however ended up winning everybody’s hearts when the final film turned out.

Superman Fan- Castings Better Than That We Got

What everybody concurs on, nonetheless, is that Christopher Reeve was the ideal casting for Superman in 1978. From that point forward, the bar has been raised so high that each actor who has played the job since has had legions remaining behind guaranteeing a specific actor was more qualified. So, today we bring to you 7 Superman Fan Castings Better Than What We Got:


Fan-Casting-Superman Idris Elba- Superman[/caption]

Despite the fact that Superman is known as a white man, simply taking a look at Idris Elba wearing the outfit makes us wish this could turn into a reality. Clark Kent is Superman, however, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a future where Clark surrendered the title and another, as-of-yet obscure Kryptonian takes up the mantle.

Not to boast, but that sounds like a quite cool storyline, one where Idris Elba would sparkle as a future, but older, Superman we have no idea about.


Chris Patt- Superman

Prior to Guardians of the Galaxy, if anybody had disclosed to you the chubby person from Parks and Recreation would be an action star they’d have laughed at you in the face, or even called their companions to point and laugh at you together.

Now, however, Chris Pratt is a star and envisioning him as Superman is a simple bet. He can play a genuine version of the character if the need emerges, but fans would need him to hold that innocent appeal we’ve adored him for.


Dwayne Johnson- Superman

In the event that there was anybody to play a non-Caucasian Superman ever, The Rock would be your go-to fellow. He’s the most bankable star on earth and his Midas Touch would’ve guaranteed a hit staring us in the face. A more seasoned but strange Superman, for example, the one he’d play would be a breath of crisp of air.

If The Rock can pull off playing the Tooth Fairy, you can bet every last cent on you that playing Superman would’ve been really easy for the actor.


Vin Diesel- Superman

This would possibly be great in the event that you need a Superman who rambles endlessly about how much he adores his family. Let’s be honest, Vin Diesel Superman works for the Fast and Furious hardcore fans who just need Vin’s essence in a film.

In spite of the fact that Vin would be terrible in filling the role, he would assemble the viewer base expected to watch the film. If nothing else, it’d be better than the not so terrible x.X.x: Return of Xandar Cage.


Paul Walker- Superman

P. Walker was at the ideal age in 2006 to play the character in Superman Returns. At the time, he wasn’t engaged with The Fast and the Furious any longer so he was wide open to get the call. As we are aware, it didn’t occur and while it’s not the most exceedingly terrible thing, you can even now consider him a Clark Kent type.

Brian O’Connor was positively someone reminiscent of Clark Kent, implying that Paul would’ve been reasonable in the job.


John Cena- superman

In the event that you know anything about the WWE, you’ll realize that John is known as ‘SuperCena’ there. He has a move set known as ‘The Five Moves of Doom’, which he uses to take out his rivals quickly. This great delineation demonstrates to us a Superman version existing in the WWE where John is the undisputed hero of the landscape.

This also makes us wish this adaptation of John Cena was a reality in the WWE. Simply envision a Superman that has his ordinary forces, as is also imperceptible.


Roman Reigns- Superman

Taking the mantle of the Franchise Player of the WWE from John was Roman Reigns. He was the unquestioned Face of the WWE before he, tragically, made a stride back because of cancer.

Be that as it may, Roman even had a trademark move known as ‘The Superman Punch’ that he utilized in his matches. Just like Jason Momoa has been an out-of-the-container Aquaman, Roman Reigns would’ve been a Superman definitely nobody saw coming.

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