Arrowverse fans know that the yearly crossover between The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl likes to introduce new characters to the Arrowverse. This year’s crossover titled “Elseworlds” crossover brings a familiar comic book face to the fans with the debut of Batwoman. Batwoman has had many incarnations but Kate Kane’s version of Batwoman is a beloved member of the DC universe. She is a vigilante who has training in the military and knows various types of languages and martial arts and studied investigative practices with the FBI.

For all those fans who are unaware of who she is, we have got 7 things about Batwoman that you should know.

7. Original Batwoman was Bruce Wayne’s love interest
Debuting in 1956, Kathy Kane was initially smitten with Batman, and this was why she joined him in crime fighting. Later, when Batman discovered her identity, she became a member of the Bat-family.

The two were in a relationship for a while but it didn’t last.

6. Was Supposed to be a Justice League member
When DC published the JL: Cry For Justice series, Kate Kane seemed like a central figure. She was also announced as a member of the team on the cover of the very first issue. However, she didn’t stay for long.

Later, the publisher slated the ongoing series into a miniseries. This series was just meant to set up a Justice League title and Batwoman lost her place in the next series.

5. Survived a serious incident
In one issue, Renee Montana tracked Batwoman down after she was taken down by Intergang. Intergang’s Bruno Mannheim stabbed Kate when Renee reached her.

However, Kate managed to remove the blade and use it as a weapon while Renee helped her out. It took her a month to heal from the wound.

4. Her father created her suit
While Batman is helped by Alfred, Kate is helped by her own father. Her military father leaves her with a unique perspective and provides computer support while she’s on her missions. He also designed her a suit to wear.

Kate even trained with her father’s military friends for years while his father designed her weapons.

3. Has a whole team of Batgirls
In the Bombshells universe, DC Comic book heroes and villains are reimagined in new roles. Kate Kane is the baseball team but she’s also Batwoman. When she’s recruited for some work overseas, she recruits a team of her own.

Kate has a team of women who wear baseball uniforms with bat masks on them. These girls protect Gotham while she’s away.

2. Wears a wig
Many fans criticised the bright red hair at the top of the mask after the artwork for Arrowverse debuted. However, this is more Comic accurate. She is shown with short hair in the comics and uses the red wig to protect her true identity.

The red hair also matches with her logo on the costume. This method of hiding identity has also been used by Black Canary.

1. Ruby Rose plays her in live action
Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose landed the role of Batwoman in CW’s Arrowverse. This casting has led many fans to wonder if this version of Kate Kane will appear with all her tattoos since Rose has so many of her own.

Rumours for a spinoff for the character also surfaced as soon as her casting was announced.

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