Since the comic book movie boom, thanks to 2008’s Iron Man, superhero roles have become some of the most coveted ones by actors in Hollywood. These roles represent a lot of things for actors: a change in career forces (as many of these are multi-picture deals) and to get a chance to be a part of something that a lot of us only dream about. The superhero film role is mythical and it’s not surprising that so many incredible actors take more than one shot at appearing in these films.

However, there have been cases where actors who audition land up with a different role than what they audition for. So, today we will shortlist 7 times actors may not have gotten the role they auditioned for, but still, they appeared.

7. Jason Momoa As Batman
Before Momoa became Aquaman, he was one of the actors brought run to play the Dark Knight in DCEU. Director Zack Snyder met with many actors before choosing Ben Affleck for the role.

During the audition, Momoa played a down and out Bruce Wayne who’d been defeated in the alley. Although he didn’t get the role, but he was ultimately selected to play Aquaman on the big screen.

6. Sebastian Stan as Captain America
Chris Evans has now become extremely synonymous with Captain America that even thinking about someone else playing the role seems weird.

However, for Sebastian Stan, it was his journey to being a part of the MCU. He auditioned for the role in MCU and was really disappointed when he didn’t get it. Later, he got the role of Bucky Barnes which seemed like a small role in 2011’s Captain America but had enough potential to get him a nine-film deal with Marvel.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal As Spider-Man
We all know that Jake Gyllenhaal is finally set to appear in a Spider-Man film next year, as he’s strongly rumoured as the villain of the film.

Earlier when Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series was underway, Toby Maguire got himself injured during a scene. Jake Gyllenhaal was then asked to step in. He even got into shape for the role but Maguire got healthy in time.

4. Michael B. Jordan as Falcon
Jordan was once up for the role of Harry Osborn in Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man series. He also portrayed The Human Torch in 2015’s reboot of Fantastic Four.

But his most notable performance came in this year’s Black Panther where he played the villain, Killmonger. Jordan once auditioned for the role of Falcon in The Winter Soldier.

3. Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane
McAdams played an emergency room doctor and love interest in Doctor Strange but this wasn’t the only superhero film role she was considered for.

Before she played Doctor Strange’s love interest, she was once considered for playing Lois Lane in the DCEU. After Anne Hathaway opted for a role in Nolan’s Batman films, the slot of Lois Lane was left open for McAdams.

2. Channing Tatum as Thor
Although we’re not sure yet, but the word says that the Channing Tatum Gambit project is underway and Tatum will play the titular character.

After his performance in Magic Mike, he showed fans that he had more charisma than many people, and he had once hoped to play the role of Thor in the MCU. He didn’t get the role, as the directors were looking for someone more Nordic.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ant-Man
Ant-Man was an effective attempt at the MCU ago outrun its drama with more quirky films in the franchise. Paul Rudd brought charming humour to the role but he wasn’t the only one rumoured to be associated with playing Ant-Man.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once considered for the role but it went to Rudd, and as of now, the only superhero film appearance by Levitt has been as Blake in The Dark Knight Rises.

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