Many times, some villains become favorites due to their back story, realization or simply fans start sympathizing with them. But there are certain some villains who are just so annoying to even look at (kudos to the actors who portray them as it is because of them, the characters are hated so much)
Many people don’t settle into a story to see the antagonist succeed so a film or TV show in which the bad guy doesn’t lose horribly and that often leaves the audience feeling unsatisfied.
The modern pop-culture has changed in many other ways but one thing is still constant and that is the desire to see a villain taken out by same methods which they had previously threatened by the hero and by their own hand.
Here are some deaths which were truly satisfying to watch

1. Ramsay Bolton: Game Of Thrones

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Ramsay Bolton was actually very first beaten up Jon Show and then chained to a chair as his own starving dogs are let into the room.
Considering they were starved, the hounds became more vicious and their appetite overtook their loyalty. Karma struck him well as Sansa Stark; whom Bolton tortured the most, was the one who unleashed the hounds and watched them eat him.

2. Hela: Thor: Ragnarok

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Hela slays so many people in order to take over Asgard but in the end, she herself goes down in those flames when Asgard is destroyed. Loki summons Surtur with the Eternal Flame and after one evacuation, Hela is in control of Asgard as Surtur arrives and she was the only person who was present there when Sutur destroys it.

3. Ultron:  Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Vision was created to wipe out life on the Earth but in the end, it was Vision himself who defeated Ultron. The Avengers take the body away from Ultron and bring him with help of AI and Thor’s magic and bring to life. Vision ends up shutting down the internet access of Ultron in the Battle of Sokovia and thus finishing him once for all.

4. Syndrome: The Incredibles

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Syndrome was actually beaten by the superpowered baby and then tries to escape on his hoverjet; but Mr.Incredible tosses a car at him and Syndrome’s cape gets sucked into the jet’s turbine and dies. So much for becoming a Superhero so badly and turning into super villain.

5. Judge Frollo: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda and absconds with her to the bell tower and there is a dramatic confrontation.
And Frollo cackles that he “shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into a fiery pit!” Then, the gargoyle he’s standing on comes to life and sends him tumbling down into the same flames he’d hoped to burn Esmeralda in.

6. Dennis Nedry: Jurassic Park

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Dennis Nedry shuts down the park’s security system and drives his Jeep off the road. While he’s trying to run from the trouble, he attracts the attention of a young dilophosaurus and it escaped from one of the electric fences Nedry himself disabled.
After playing with him for few moments, dilophosaurus blinds Nerdy and then eats hum alive. Dumb move Nedry!

7. Sebastian Shaw: X-Men: First Class

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Magneto tracks Shaw and removes his helmet and allows Charles Xavier to psychically grab hold of Shaw’s mind and paralyze him in a place.
When he puts the helmet on, Magneto gains an iconic costume piece and prevents Xavier from stopping the full measure of his revenge exacted via magnetically rocketing a symbolic coin through Shaw’s brain.
And actually Shaw had ended up creating the helmet that would stop Xavier from saving his life.

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