TV is what most of us turn to when we’re bored. This is nothing new, even the kids in the ’90s did the same. We used to have a lot of sitcoms as our favorites. Some even managed to become classic. However, not everything ages fine like wine! A few sitcoms that were once fan-favorite and became classics are not considered funny anymore by the millennials. That is, Gen Z hasn’t given their approval to these classic shows and ruled them out as unfunny. The ’90s people would agree or not, but the millennials have reasons for not liking them! And it’s okay. Time changes. What was funny and cool back then, doesn’t have to be now. So, here’s a list of classic sitcoms that millennials don’t find funny anymore. Which side are you on? Comment below!

1. How I Met Your Mother

Shows: How I Met Your Mother
Show: How I Met Your Mother

One of the show’s characters is a womanizer. He objectifies women, insults them, and mistreats them almost throughout the show. This is something that the present generation or we must say any generation would support. He thinks he can make women like him by deception. That’s a big NO.

2. Everybody Loves Raymond

Shows: Everybody Loves Raymond
Show: Everybody Loves Raymond

Even though it’s a family show, but it shows Debra throwing objects at her husband. This doesn’t look fun at all. It rather looks violent. They are doing nothing but promoting domestic violence. Gen Z doesn’t approve of it!

3. Are You Being Served?

Shows: Are You Being Served?
Show: Are You Being Served?

This show shows how hotel staff is thriving in their careers. However, along with this, they also constantly use jokes based on people’s race and ethnicity. Now, this is something that is not cool. Even in those days, such lame and unnecessary jokes weren’t entertained, yet the makers used to include them. Presently, these kinds of jokes are looked down upon.

4. Seinfeld

Shows: Seinfeld
Show: Seinfeld

Yes, we agree it originally birthed the idea of people sitting and talking in a sitcom. This idea and style spread like a forest fire and soon many of the makers were copying it. Gradually, it became overplayed. Therefore, it lost its touch and taste.

5. Two And A Half Men

Shows: Two and a Half Men
Show: Two and a Half Men

Let’s admit the fact that this show was a big hit when it first aired. There have been loyal fans of the show. But with time, the show has lost its charm. Why? That’s because the audience has changed over the years. The new audience disagrees to buy shows that support characters sexualizing women and the protagonist being a misogynist.

6. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory
Show: The Big Bang Theory

Despite being heavily criticized, this sitcom has aired for 12 seasons. It has been disliked for many reasons. It has not portrayed the “Geek Culture” in a good way, it didn’t come up with a better and sensible way to show autism in their show. Moreover, there are a lot many things that didn’t age well for a few of the show’s characters.

7. Home Improvement

Home Improvement
Show: Home Improvement

During the ’90s, this was one of the shows that families would sit together, watch and laugh at. But now? Time has changed, things have changed. The millennials wouldn’t approve of family members treating each other in a toxic way and laugh it off. Moreover, they encourage bullying behavior among siblings.

8. The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners
Show: The Inbetweeners

This is a classic British show about the secondary school life of kids in Britain. Yes, it’s a classic, but millennials don’t approve of it anymore. The show promotes stereotypes through jokes on ableism, sexism, homophobia, and many other stereotypes we can think of!

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