The next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins in 2020 with Black Widow, which appears to be a fairly straightforward prequel thriller, but beyond that, the franchise’s future becomes considerably more unknown, beginning with The Eternals feature. Even die-hard Marvel Comics fans are unlikely to be familiar with the mythology of Titan’s bizarre race of quasi-deities, which may be the most obscure subject that Marvel Studios has attempted to translate for the big screen. The MCU is without a doubt one of the most successful superhero franchises in history. It’s the epic that never ends, with a tremendous quantity of source material to draw from and a plethora of intriguing people. From unsolved issues to character peculiarities, some ardent fans have concocted intriguing speculations about Marvel’s next superpowered gang, the Eternals. And, as usual, we at Animated Times compiled a list for you, so check out these fan ideas about the Eternals below, and let us know which one you think is the best.

8. Multiple Characters Throughout The MCU Are Actually Celestials:


The Collector was a dying celestial were as the Grandmaster, was a celestials in stalled development. Galactus will also be celestial.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are two types of celestials. We saw in GotG2 that Ego was a giant brain wrapped within a massive head-shaped planet, yet he had a humanoid avatar and the two were one creature. Ego revealed to us that he was, in fact, a celestial. However, GotG1 brought us to Eson the Searcher, who demonstrated what a genuine Celestial should look like, and the Eternals affirmed that the mountain-sized armoured form was the standard Celestial. In the MCU, both traditional Jack Kirby celestials and planet celestials with merely human embodiments exist. The planet Celestials is still in the process of baking. According to the Eternals, celestials reproduce by seeding planets with celestials and then indirectly rearing sentient life on the planet like livestock to feed it. When sentient life exceeds a specific energy level, a new celestial rises from the planet, killing it.

The Grandmaster:

During Thor’s Willy Wonka-esque presentation to the Grandmaster during Ragnarok, we were told that the Grandmaster was the creator of Sakaar. Not just the founder, owner, or ruler, but the actual creator of the planet. Apparently, the Grandmaster did the same thing that Ego’s brain did over millennia: he pieced together a planet for himself. The Grandmaster was also Sakaar, just as Ego was also the Living Planet. The insectoid Sakaarians were the only intelligent life on Sakaar. The Grandmaster, on the other hand, was a free spirit, and his appearance would have put an end to the never-ending party that was his existence. He avoided it by selling the intelligent life to Ronan as a mercenary army (during his search for the orb) and replacing them with a tiny number of dregs he drew from other planets to amuse himself. The continual stream of rubbish that poisoned the ecosystem also eliminated any possibility of the immigrant population ever being able to generate enough energy to trigger the emergence since they would be too busy just attempting to survive the day.

The Collector:

Did you know that this flamboyant white-haired gentleman had a massive and valuable treasure hoard within a mining colony that GotG1 told us had no laws and that no one ever sought to rid him of it? Ronan’s landing party landed nearly on top of the structure that held The Collector’s treasure room, so Knowhere’s gateway defences weren’t much of a barrier. Nobody ever came for it, not Ravagers, not an invading force from a cosmic empire, not space vikings, not actual Vikings. What’s the harm? Because word on the street was that anybody who tried would have been annihilated by the godlike powers he possessed, we simply never saw them. Consider Carina’s desperation. She had access to the whole collection, which included a Dark Elf, a Chitauri, and a Frost Giant, despite being forced into servitude. She may have turned them loose on him and murdered him in this manner. If Tivan had been a regular guy, she could have used any number of objects from her collection to do him in. Carina knew she wouldn’t be free until he died, but because he was a celestial, she’d need something with the power of the Power Stone to make it happen. She took her shot when she knew what the orb had inside it, with nothing to lose except her life, which was already a slave. Finally, the Asgardians were so certain that this same gentleman would be able to keep a doomsday calibre weapon secure that they granted him the Aether. He’s clearly a lot stronger than he appears.

7. Makkari Was Created Deaf Because Her Power Is Super Speed And She Travels Faster Than Sound:


Why did Arishem make Makkari deaf?

A semi-canon theory is that Makkari’s deafness prevents her from surviving the sonic booms caused by her superspeed. But why couldn’t Arishem create her with superspeed without making her deaf? Now, it’s critical to grasp Arishem’s goal: to create celestials. He is a strong creature, but he is not a “perfect designer” or “God,” as people commonly refer to him. Arishem is really rather human in his trial-and-error method, since he is constantly doubling down on his mistakes and fixing them as they occur. First, he creates deviants to eat predators. -> Oops, Deviants evolve to eat people. -> Create Eternals that can’t evolve. -> Oops, Eternals instead acquire feelings and personalities. -> This is comparable to a lot of things people do in real life: For example, pest beetles in Australia bring in cane toads–Cane toads become new invasive species, devastating indigenous wildlife– Australia now provides rewards for catching and killing cane toads. Arishem just wanted someone with superspeed, so he turned that individual deaf in order for them to exploit that power. He probably didn’t consider it a handicap or an inconvenience to Makkari; he just wanted a superfast soldier. Or even give a damn. The Sprite was the same way; he desired an illusionist without contemplating the anguish and hardship she would suffer as a child who had not matured. Sprite had a good line, “Why did Arishem make me this way?” The answer is that no one knows, and Arishem probably doesn’t even know himself, nor does he care. However, if being deaf or having a child stopped a celestial from being born, Arishem may do something to “correct” this in the next generation of Eternals–who knows, maybe make them full androids? And, as a real-life comparison, I’m sure this similar thought would have occurred to anyone who is battling with something that the larger society frowns on. To add a religious element, we may ask, “How do you know that what is being produced is not part of (insert deity’s) great design?” We cannot comprehend (insert god’s) designs; all we can do is trust in (insert deity). ‘

6. Dr. Strange Knew About The Emergence:


Dr. Strange was aware of Thanos’s emergence, he ensured Thanos’ victory in Avengers: Infinity War. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but after rewatching Avengers: Infinity War, I believe Strange saw 14,000,605 different futures and why he didn’t stop Star Lord from punching Thanos when they were so close to taking the gauntlet from his hand, I believe Strange saw the future where they beat Thanos on Titan and the snap didn’t happen but the emergence did, I believe Dr. Strange purposefully supplied the stone for the snap to occur in order to postpone the emergence and subsequently bring everyone back for the eternals and Ajak to understand that earth is a world worth forsaking Arishem for.

5. The Eternals Are Actually Sent To Evaluate The Worthiness Of The Populace On Each Planet:


The Celestials use human energy to reproduce their kind. Given that the Celestials might have millions of heavenly ‘kids’ scattered over the galaxy, any of the cultures conceiving them appears to be utterly disposable, especially if their celestial seed dies. And, it is stated, this is how they routinely dispose of planetary populations. When Arishem discovered that the eternals had murdered his infant brother on behalf of earthlings, he did not just smite the earth and its eternals. Why not, given that they are both completely disposable and at least somewhat accountable? Instead, Arishem sent several eternals to analyse their memories of Earth to see if it was worth rescuing. Why? Why would a Celestial be concerned about their value or take time out of their day to consider judgement? Why not simply smite them or go on to the next seed and leave them alone? My hypothesis is that the eternals aren’t actually there to eliminate deviants, but to judge the worthiness of the population. The Celestials recognize that working together would benefit all parties (people could give birth to celestials, and celestials could move those people to a new planet with each celestial birth); however, they also recognise that they, the celestials, have a vulnerability that an unworthy population could exploit. As a result, the eternals were created as a test of humanity’s…uh…humanity. Is mankind kind to these various and differently-abled Eternals, or do they abuse their weaknesses? That’s what Arishem set off to assess: how the humans handled the least of his eternals, they’d treat a celestial if given the opportunity. If Arishem (and his council or whatever) judges that mankind is capable of not killing the celestials when offered with the option, he will propose the deal. Otherwise, it’s smiting time. There was a lot of discussion about apex predators. If Arishem is the story’s God, then all of the biblical discourse about lambs sleeping with lions may be instructive. When mankind is ultimately deserving of it, the hierarchy will be broken . As a result, the apex hypothesis is a lie, just as the celestials’ requirement to annihilate a whole humanity in order to give birth to their species is a lie. Humans and celestials are both fragile, and both would benefit from working together rather than striving for apex rank.

4. The Eternals Created The Ten Rings:


The Eternals crafted the Ten Rings centuries ago after a failed uprising. The Rings were sent into space and landed on Earth, where they were discovered by Wenwu, who used them to establish the Ten Rings organization.

It is revealed to Sersi in Eternals that the Eternals are not the guardians and protectors of Earth that they believe they are, but are actually assisting in the birth of a celestial that would culminate in the devastation of Earth and the death of all humanity. She also discovers that Earth is not the only planet they’ve helped destroy, that they’re far older than they imagined, and that there are more Eternals out there in the cosmos (Eros, Pip the Troll). To counteract this, Phastos creates ring devices for the Eternals, allowing them to channel all of their strength into one of them. Wenwu’s discovery of the Ten Rings grants him immense strength and allows him to live for over a thousand years in Shang-Chi. Further investigation by Wong, Bruce Banner, and Captain Marvel reveals that the rings are far older than that and have a cosmic origin. I think the Ten Rings arose from a failed insurrection by the Eternals against the Celestials millennia ago. While it is not officially stated, it is quite plausible that Eternals experienced a comparable moment of revelation of their actual purpose and decided to oppose it. During this struggle, I think Phastos (or another engineering Eternal) created a set of 10 rings to help the Eternals fight back. They eventually fail, the planet they are attempting to preserve is destroyed, their memories are erased, and the rings are hurled into outer space to wander forever. Except that they didn’t. They simply happened to fall on a little backwater planet named Earth, where they were discovered by Wenwu, who had access to the Eternals’ strength and immortality. Why doesn’t Wenwu have all ten eternal powers? Despite his knowledge and talents, he is merely human, and he has only scratched the surface of what the Rings are capable of. To counter this, Phastos creates ring devices for the Eternals, allowing them to channel all of their strength into one of them. Wenwu’s discovery of the Ten Rings grants him immense strength and allows him to live for over a thousand years in Shang-Chi. Further investigation by Wong, Bruce Banner, and Captain Marvel reveals that the rings are far older than that and have a cosmic origin. I think the Ten Rings arose from a failed insurrection by the Eternals against the Celestials millennia ago. While it is not officially stated, it is quite plausible that Eternals experienced a comparable moment of revelation of their actual purpose and decided to oppose it. It’s also quite probable that he discovered a set of movements and powers that provided him with enough of a competitive advantage to build his empire. And, while the comic origin of the Rings may still be utilized, the tale of how Wenwu discovered the Rings is obscure enough that I believe this origin makes more sense.

3. Phastos Was Recruited By SHIELD And Helped Howard Stark With His Technology:


The Shield’s ancient organization will connect with Howard and Tony Stark, as well as maybe the old Black Knight and Reed Richards and Kang! We can tell that his powers are aesthetically similar to how Tony Stark represents and manipulates his technology. How is it conceivable that the identical picture existed 1,500 years ago (the scenario in which he demonstrates the engine)? I believe Phastos’ ideas have been handed down through the ages until they reached Howard Stark. How? Remember the comic book SHIELD by Jonathan Hickman? According to the comics, there was an ancient society that collected exceptional minds throughout the years, including DaVinci, Galileo, and even Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards! In the same series of comics, I believe both show devices being handled in a similar manner. Because Phastos was one of the three that Arishem took to examine their memories, I believe we will see in the future how Phastos was linked to these organizations with mankind’s genius throughout the ages, culminating in Howard Stark and Nathanael Richards (Reed Richards’ father and possibly Kang’s ancient parent). We’ll witness the Ebon Sword over the ages, maybe even interact with Sersi.

2. Ego Isn’t A Celestial, He’s A Celestial Parasite:


As revealed in the Eternals, Arishem seeded millions of planets all across the universe to generate new celestials. Furthermore, the Eternals have been active for millions of years, spending a few thousand on each planet at the conclusion to ensure the birth of a new heavenly So, since Ego existed, there have most likely been hundreds of new celestials born. Meanwhile, Ego feels he is unique and has never met any other celestials. However, he has discovered a plethora of worlds with sentient life-just the type of life that celestials require to power their birth. And also just what the ego requires to keep himself going. Ego is not a celestial; he dwells on a plane/level far lower than celestials, but definitely much higher than the “regular” individual human level. He hasn’t located the true celestials since they are so much above him and they purposefully avoid him. Hence, all the planets he seeded are exactly the same planets that Arishem seeded-his way of becoming more powerful was to feed off of an “embryonic” celestial while they were still in creation, whether he understood it or not.

1. The Eternals Were The Result Of The Celestials Experimenting With The Infinity Stones:


In GOTG, we see Eson the Searcher wipe away an entire planet. This is analogous to the arrival of the Hosts—the Celestials visiting and examining several worlds in order to fine-tune their experiments. As a result, they utilized the Infinity Stones not only to destroy worlds, but also to experiment on specific species of beings (such as humans) whom they judged worthy. As a result, a race of strong creatures known as the Eternals was created. Furthermore, these studies did not only produce Eternals, but also infused some latent powers into a percentage of the remaining people who could not be transformed into Eternals. To make a long tale short, mutants were formed alongside the Eternals. A similar situation may be seen in comic books. I believe the group of creatures that attempted to confine the stones as described by the Collector in GOTG may be the Eternals—either the Firstborn or members of the race’s Higher Council. And we could have had our first glimpse of the Illuminati. They made every effort to keep the stones away from the celestials. During the process, an event (similar to the snap of the stones) occurred, which rendered both the Eternals and the Mutants comatose. With a few snaps in the present timeline, the effect might have been reversed, allowing Eternals and Mutants to become active.

So yeah, these are the 8 “Eternals” Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense. Despite all these fan theories, the Eternals movies weren’t up to the mark in my opinion. What do you guys have to say about the movie? Which of these theories do you guys like the most? Please give us your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Until then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. Continue reading Animated Times, guys, for more.

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