With the release of the MCU’s Hawkeye’s own Disney+ series, one of the most underappreciated Avengers is once again in the limelight. The archer’s path has not always been smooth, having been reduced to Loki’s servant in the first Avengers film, requiring Quicksilver to save him in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and then witnessing Black Widow kill herself despite his attempts to save her in Avengers: Endgame. Hawkeye follows Clint Barton and newcomer Kate Bishop on their post-Infinity Saga adventures, providing fresh MCU origin tales for five legendary Marvel comics characters. With half of the world’s population restored by Barton and his Avengers colleagues, the original Hawkeye attempts to spend Christmas vacation with his children, only for his Ronin past to catch up with him, putting him in contact with Kate Bishop, a self-taught archer and martial artist whose life was saved by Barton during the Chitauri invasion in 2012. Hawkeye is primarily based on the acclaimed Matt Fraction run of Hawkeye comics, which debuted in 2012, on the heels of The Avengers, which established Clint Barton as one of Marvel’s most well-known characters, both in the MCU and in real life. As a result, we at Animated Times decided to present fans with a comprehensive comparison of all the characters included in the first three episodes of the Hawkeye series. Sounds interesting? If so, then let’s hop right into the list down below.

8. Clint Barton As Hawkeye:


In the series, actor Jeremy Renner will reprise his role as Clint Barton. Marvel’s top superhero archer Obviously, the Clint of the MCU is at a much different point in his life than the comic, what with him living on a remote farm with his family and all, but we still expect this program to explore the more human and imperfect side of Clint.

7. Kate Bishop Also As Hawkeye:


Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Bishop is Clint Barton’s protégé and the daughter of Eleanor and Derek Bishop. Kate Bishop made her comic book debut as a member of the Young Avengers, a group of superpowered teenagers who want to be like the Avengers’ renowned heroes. Kate, the daughter of rich parents, was abducted for ransom by a supervillain when she was a child, and she was initially inspired by Hawkeye when the Avengers arrived to rescue her. However, her plot arc differs greatly from those of the other comics in the series.

6. Eleanor Bishop As Kate’s Mom And Maybe (Madame Masque):


Eleanor Bishop, played by Vera Farmiga, will be Kate’s mother. Eleanor was considered dead for most of Kate’s existence in the comics, only to reemerge under unexplained circumstances and (spoilers!) show herself to be working with the evil Madame Masque. But in the series it’s all different.

5. Jack Duquesne As Swordsman:


Tony Dalton plays Jack Duquesne, better known as “Swordsman” in the comics, who is Clint’s mentor and father figure. (As an aside, in the comics, he is from the fictitious Southeast Asian kingdom of Siancong, which was ruled by France, and his name is Jacques Duquesne.) However, in the series, his origin is completely different.

4. Kazi As The Clown:


Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak, best known as Marvel villain “The Clown,” is played by actor Fra Fee (not to be confused with the Spawn villain). The Clown is the main antagonist in Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye comic, assisting the Russian gang in their struggle against Clint. But he eventually becomes the Tracksuit gang’s second primary leader.

3. Maya Lopez As Echo:


Alaqua Cox, a newcomer, is said to be playing Maya Lopez, best known as the deaf Native American hero Echo. While Echo first appeared as a Daredevil supporting character and has a lengthy connection with Matt Murdock, she has also formed a deep bond with Hawkeye. In the comics, Echo is the original Ronin, a pseudonym she employed to secretly fight alongside the New Avengers for a time. However, later in the book, she becomes the leader of the Tracksuit gang, seeking vengeance for her father’s death, who was assassinated by Ronin.

2. William Lopez As Maya’s Father:


Zahn McClarnon played the role of William Lopez in the series; he is also known as Willie “Crazy Horse” Lincoln in the comics. As we discussed in our Maya profile, William is assassinated by the Ronin, which inspires his daughter to become the supervillain Echo.

1. Luke The Pizza Dog:


In the comics, Clint and Kate take in a pizza-loving puppy. “Lucky the Pizza Dog” is a nickname given to him by fans. In the Hawkeye series, he is just a regular dog that assists Kate in escaping the Tracksuit gang while she is under attack, and he has remained with her throughout the three episodes that have been aired so far.

So there you have it, lads, all eight characters that have been introduced in the series and are there in the comics as well. So, with the comic comparison of these characters, we at Animated Times have curated a list of what these characters look like in the comics. Though you have seen them in the latest Hawkeye series, it’s time to see them from the comics. We hope you enjoyed seeing the Hawkeye characters and their comic book comparisons! Do let us know in the comments down below. Till then, we’ll see you lads in the next article, and don’t forget to keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more. We’ve got your back; continue reading Animated Times for more amazing stuff related to Marvel, DC, and more.

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