Superman is undeniably one of the toughest characters in the entire comic book world. He has been inspiring fans since years, with his invincible powers. However, he has been defeated and even taken out completely once but he keeps returning every time.

Many fans wonder how Superman would have done, had he been in the Marvel Universe. Given the number of threats in the MCU, it will be interesting to think who could actually take on Superman. So, today we will tell you about those characters who can take down Superman, even without Kryptonite.

8. Dormammu
Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark dimension has been a long time nemesis of Doctor Strange. We all know that Superman has had troubles with magic, so it’s certain that he might face problems handling Dormammu. He can easily take Superman down with his army of Mindless Ones and magical flames, or at least, give our hero a really tough time.

7. Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers has always been the toughest in Marvel. Thanks to cosmic accidents, Carol has powers even she isn’t fully aware of. She can tap into energies capable of blowing the moon into the half.

A battle on Earth between the two could possibly hold them back, but a fight in space could definitely see Carol prevailing over Superman in terms of power.

6. Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom has previously encountered Superman in a 1980 special crossover. The story sees Doom getting away with Kryptonite and using his immunity as the ruler of Latveria. However, even without the kryptonite, Doom can take Superman down.

Doom is a cunning strategist and he will always be one step ahead of Superman during a fight. His armour also gives his support and power while his knowledge of magic will add to the fireworks.

5. Gladiator
Gladiator is the ruler of the Shi’ar Empire and has a powerhouse stronger than half an army. His strength lies in his confidence; the more he anticipates his victory, the stronger he gets.

He has defeated Fantastic Four and X-Men before and in a hand-to-hand combat, Gladiator certainly enjoys an edge over Superman.

4. Thor
Superman and Thor have previously fought each other in the JLA/Avengers series. The best part about this fight was that Superman could hold Thor’s hammer. Superman seemed to have an upper hand, but it was hinted that Thor wasn’t using his whole potential. If Thor unleashes his powers, we know he will prevail over the mortal Superman.

Thor is a literal God with tons of experience and stamina, combined with the power of Thunder. Superman may have won in the miniseries, but in an actual fight, Thor would be the winner.

3. The Sentry
The Sentry is Superman’s analogue in the Marvel Universe. However, he might be stronger than Superman himself. With the power of a “million exploding suns”, Sentry is highly unpredictable during a fight.

A big factor is his dark side, The Void. Sentry literally had a monstrous force living inside him which makes him even more dangerous.

2. Worldbreaker Hulk
Hulk has faced Superman during the 1999 series and it’s clear that he did manage to push Superman to his limits. However, the worldbreaker version of Hulk can give Superman a beating of a lifetime.

Worldbreaker Hulk literally cracked worlds, and Superman can do all he wants but the limits of this Hulk are beyond understanding.

1. The Beyonder
It’s okay to be powerful in your universe, but its another story be your own universe. The Beyonder is just that. He was his entire reality, who took human form to explore the Marvel Universe. This caused the famous “Secret Wars” event.

If he wants, he can wipe out the entire DC universe with a snap (without a Gauntlet). He might toy around with the Man of Steel but Superman can literally do nothing to harm him.

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