For more than a decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the most successful linked series of all time, beginning with Iron Man in 2008. Following Tony Stark’s live-action debut on the big screen, it was only the beginning of a bigger plot that would see the Avengers reunite at the conclusion of Phase 1. After more than a decade, the MCU has expanded to the point where numerous films are released each year. Disney Plus will soon become another Marvel platform, focusing on other characters that have played supporting parts in the movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the largest in the comic world, and it has the most incredible performers who prominently portray their particular Marvel comic characters in the greatest way possible. It boasts one of the world’s largest fan bases. The new MCU phase is going really well, so here are some of the most recent Marvel jokes to brighten your day:

8. LOL!!



7. Oh yes!!



6. Into The Uncle-Verse!!



5. Haha!!



4. LMAO!!



3. Priorities!!



2. Absolutely!



1. Bruhh!!


So, there you have it: The 8 Most Recent Marvel Memes Keeping the Marvel Craze Alive. So yes, these are the pretty funny things that are keeping the Marvel craze alive. Did you like these latest Marvel Memes? Please let us know so that we can bring you some more memes. Till then, keep reading Animated Times for in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, upcoming films, and other issues. in addition to TV series, celebrity news, and much more.

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