The hatred for minority characters succeeding white superheroes for popular superhero mantles is enormous. Whether it is Sam Wilson, Miles Morales or John Stewart. Here are a list of superhero successors that actually did a better job than their white predecessors.

John Stewart – Thwarted a Conspiracy To Destroy The Green Lantern Corps

john stewart green lantern does idris elba really want to leave the marvel universe

John Stewart is a very well-known figure in the DC Universe. As the first POC character to join the Green Lantern Corps and later the Justice League, Stewart is an idol to many readers and fans. He is a former veteran with an indomitable willpower, which is why he is revered as one of the greatest Green Lanterns to ever exist. One of his greatest feats was holding an entire planet from falling apart by using his sheer willpower. But his greatest achievement was probably thwarting a conspiracy by the Alpha Lanterns to destroy the Green Lantern Corps. The reason Green Lanterns continue to exist is because of John Stewart’s staunch efforts.

John Henry Irons – Came The Closest To Embodying The Ideals Of Superman

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John Henry Irons was a genius level scientist and engineer who fled his employers after he realized they were suing his inventions to create deadly weapons. Irons started working as a construction worker, and was later saved by Superman when he was about to fall to his deat. Doomsday arrives soon after and kills the Man of Steel. So John decides to make his life count, living it in a way the Man of Steel would have. A number of contenders to the mantle of Superman arrive including the Eradicator and Superboy. But Steel was only there to help people and save lives, not for the fame and glory. He was so selfless he rebuked two multi-billion dollar deals – one by Lex Luthor and another by White Rabbit, who wanted to make him their partners. He was morally incorruptible and extremely benevolent, just like Kal-El.

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Sam Wilson – Tackled Real World Issues That Steve Rogers Forgot Existed

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What is Captain America? What should the person who carries the shield and the red, white, and blue embody? These are the questions any person who idolizes Captain America should ask. Being Captain America is as much an honor as it is a massive moral responsibility. You represent a utopian notion of true freedom. Steve Rogers has helped save the world from cosmic and world ending threats. But he has seldom looked out for the little guy. Sam Wilson wanted to save the world as Captain America just like Rogers. But his approach was different, more subtle, more human.

Wilson pushed the Avengers to have greater diversity in the team forcing the heroes for a better, more inclusive line up not consisting of 90 per cent white members. He worked with Steve to take down Maria Hill, the then Director of SHIELD after the latter was found out to be corrupted and evil. Sam Wilson fought for the same causes as Steve Rogers. But his approach was better. He is the true Captain America.

Yara Flor – Fought Hades In Her First Fight. Beat Him To Save a Total Stranger

yara flor ww

Yara Flor is of Brazilian descent. Sher is the new Wonder Woman of DC’s Future State, a comic book issue highly controversial due to its attempts at rightful inclusion. Just like Wonder Woman, Yara is a Demigod. She hails from the Brazilian Rainforests. Selfless and driven, Yara possesses all the traits Diana exhibits and then some more. She would risk her neck for a fellow Amazonian woman she had never met before, going as far as traveling to the underworld and fighting Hades to save her. Yara is a member of the Future State Justice League. With a winged steed named Jerry and equipment said to be even more powerful than Diana’s, Yara is a woman destined for greatness. It is only a matter of time.

Jaime Reyes – Immortalized The Blue Beetle Mantle

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Make no mistake – Ted Kord will always have a special place in our hearts as the original Blue Beetle of DC Comics. But Kord’s Blue Beetle never got the stardom and respect the way Jaime Reyes’ version commanded. Jaime Reyes is a of hispanic descent, living in El Paso with his family. He discovered an alien artifact called the Scarab, a device created by an alien civilization called the Reach to counter the power rings of the Green Lanterns. Reyes becomes the new Blue Beetle, the Scarab allowing him to generate infinite amounts of weaponry and energy. Reyes has been a member of many popular superhero teams over the years including Teen Titans and the Justice League. His name is known far and wide. Jaime Reyes did to Blue Beetle what Miles Morales did to Spider-Man – enlarged the fan base for the mantle by leaps and bounds.

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Miles Morales – Defeated Galactus & Saved The Planet from Being Devoured

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A newly introduced character, Miles Morales faced a lot of backlash when he was first introduced. Not many folks were happy that a traditionally white role has been succeeded by half African-American/Half Latinx character. The thin-skinned protestors were put to rest when popularity for the character soared, increasing his approval ratings to Kingdom Come. The Sony movie Into The Spider-Verse sealed the deal. In the comics, Miles Morales has taken over as the Ultimate Spider-Man, accomplishing feats not even Spider-Man could boast of. While Peter Parker remains the friendly neighborhood superhero, Morales has teamed up with Reed Richards to stop cosmic beings like Galactus from destroying the planet.

Kamala Khan – Became a Shining Beacon Of Hope For People Of Other Religion

Kamala Khan is a young Pakistani-American teenager. Born to a traditional Muslim family, Kamala has lived most of her life in a very orthodox fashion. After she was engulfed in the Terrigen Mists and came out of her cocoon with newfound abilities, Kamala realized she was an Inhuman. Khan adored and idolized Captain Marvel so she took up the mantle Carol Danvers started with as a superhero. Ms. Marvel has been in a lot of teams ranging from the Champions to the Avengers. Her exploits have been too many to count. She has stopped terrorist attacks and taken down racist hate crime groups. In the process, Kamala Khan, as Ms. Marvel, has become a beacon for people of other religions.

Riri Williams – Defeated Hydra After It Had Taken Over USA


Riri Williams is by all means the successor to Tony Stark for the mantle of the Iron Man. But when she began her career as a superhero in Marvel Comics, she was met with harsh criticism. Many found her character repetitive and rather one dimensional. She has developed since, blossoming into a true leader. Riri was one of the many superheroes that led the fight against a Hydra controlled United States during the Secret Empire story arc. She later joined Spider-Man in the Black Widow led superhero team Red Room. Riri’s efforts were crucial in defeating a brain-washed Captain America and beat Hydra in its own game.

Jericho Drumm – Fought Doom, Chaos King, & Agamotto To a Standstill


Jericho Drumm is better known as Brother Voodoo. Voodoo becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of Earth after the Vishanti choose him over Stephen Strange for continuing the mantle. Voodoo’s magical prowess is legendary even compared with Stephen Strange’s. He is known to summon a horde of zombies to aid him in battle, and that was even before he acquired the Sorcerer Supreme mantle. His ability to harness and channel mystic energy is second to none. He possesses a pure heart and soul, which is why the Vishanti chose him. When Agamotto was cast out of the Vishanti, he tried fighting Brother Voodoo to regain the Eye of Agamotto, being defeated by Voodoo rather swiftly. During the Doomwar arc, he led the Avengers against Doctor Doom. And in the Chaos War arc, Brother Voodoo’s efforts were instrumental in defeating Amatsu Mikaboshi, the Japanese God of Fear and Chaos.

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