In season 3 for Titans, Dick hasn’t just been stopped at every step by Vincent Kartheiser’s Scarecrow; he alongside the Titans has always been about 10 steps behind Jason Todd. It makes a lot of sense that Jason knows Batman’s playbook a lot better but sadly, as Nightwing tries to counter, he almost gets himself killed and this has all happened due to a video game meme!

Dick and Jason Todd Go Against Each Other In Titans

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Titans’ Red Hood

After Red Hood gets a video from the Batcave, he pokes fun at Nightwing asking him for a midnight shutdown. Now, Dick knows that Jason wants him out in the open and the public is after the Titans so he tries to hack into the Batcave from Wayne Enterprises to get a hand up.

Unfortunately, he slips into the building and goes on to jack Batman’s computer. However, Jason gets notified and emasculates Dick, taunting that “all your base are belong to us.” He riffs off of the famous Internet meme based on a phrase from the opening scene of a video game known as Zero Wing.

In this game, the alien cyborgs, CATS sends this message after taking over various colonies on Earth, to intimidate mankind into not fighting back. The game’s developer Toaplan messed up the English translation in ’89 Japanese arcade game and since then this literary error has been used by forums like 4chan, making it Internet gold.

About the phrase:

This is a powerful and funny phrase and many fans would remember the time when YouTube went down in 2006, it left a message saying, “ALL YOUR VIDEO BELONG TO US” which led users to think that it was hacked. The phrase gained momentum again when it was tweeted by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Titans Season 3 on HBO Max
Titans Season 3 on HBO Max

In Titans, the phrase has a similar effect as it scares Dick who realizes that he will now have to take on Jason to stop this chaos. Sadly, Dick falls into the trap he knew was on its way, as while he’s able to incapacitate Red Hood, Dick’s killer instinct kicks in and he contemplates shooting Jason. Thankfully, the ‘no-kill rule’ isn’t broken, but this riles a young man in the crowd, who shoots Dick in the neck.

Unfortunately, Jason flees as the people beat Nightwing. As reality sets in, Jason realizes that he may have permanently destroyed Dick, creating a way for his death.

The first 11 episodes of Titans Season 3 are now streaming on HBO Max. The next episode releases on October 14.

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