Brenda and George’s conversation from Young Sheldon echoed the potential problems Leonard and Penny might face after The Big Bang Theory.


The Meeting At The Chicken House

Season 5 of Young Sheldon showed an ongoing issue between Leonard Hofstader and Penny from The Big Bang Theory. After insignificant flirting, Brenda Sparks and George Cooper continued to keep the details of the night a secret. But soon after Annie Potts’ Meemaw predicted that something is happening between both of them, she started to snoop around more. This apparently helped her son-in-law and neighbor get closer.

Young Sheldon is available to watch on CBS
Young Sheldon Season 5 is available to watch on CBS

In the 5th episode of Young Sheldon, Meemaw accidentally crosses Brenda at a grocery store where she starts questioning what is really going between her and George. But instead of answering Meemaw’s questions, Brenda started panicking regarding the conversation. As a result, when Meemaw got the alarm and hint from Brenda’s end, she started to question her son-in-law about his mini heart attack. Apparently, George got even evasive and this is what made things even worse. Keeping the suspicion in a loop, an emergency meeting took place that included Brenda and George at the latter’s chicken house. There, what was supposed to be a quick conversation, turned into a lengthy talk.

Leonard And Penny Never Found The Middle Ground

Out of everything that the couple discussed, the subject of Cooper patriarch’s colleague treating his wife as his best friend was really intriguing. Both Brenda and George were prepared about the notion, but in the end, the reason behind why George’s co-worker leads a relaxed life shows up to be the fact that he does not have any child. This apparently pointed at the problems Leonard and Penny face in The Big Ben Theory’s ending.

Penny and Leonard from The Big Ben Theory
Penny and Leonard from The Big Ben Theory

While the couple was happy as they were expecting their first child, Penny once confessed about a wish to be child-free. Apparently, this decision and news was the couple’s core conflict in the season finale as Leonard was the one who wanted children. Despite multiple arguments on this matter, the couple never got an opportunity to found a middle ground. Instead, she revealed in the season finale that she is pregnant.

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