When was the last time you felt empathy for both predator and prey? The viewer is permitted to be both the hunted and the hunter in the twisted, timeline-crossing Predator movie series, but with so much happening in this series in such a short period of time, it can be difficult to retain all of the most crucial events of the Predator movie chronology in your brain. The Predator chronology may appear straightforward on the surface, but when you break down what the Yautja (as these hunting aliens are officially known) have achieved on Earth since the start of mankind, it may be daunting. The series’ crossover with the Alien franchise adds to the incredible quantity of events that have occurred in these flicks. Depending on whatever sci-fi circle you belong to, the Alien vs. Predator chronology is its own entity with nothing to do with the original movie or its Shane Black-directed sequel. This is not the case. We’ve condensed all the Yautja have done in the film into one obfuscated and self-detonating chronology for your viewing enjoyment. Sounds legal? If yes, then let’s hop onto the list and find out all about it.

14. 2996 BCE: The Yautja Visit Earth And Help Construct The Pyramids:


It all started here, long before the Dutch faced up against a talkative Yautja in the Central American jungles, and long before the Predalien wiped out a little Colorado community. When human civilization was barely getting started, the Yautja appeared to instruct primitive tribes all across the world how to build pyramids. The Egyptians, Aztecs, and Mayans all had encounters with the Yautja, a highly sophisticated species revered as gods. The Yautja, who were worshipped as deities, not only exploited people to build the pyramids, but also forced them to produce Xenomorphs for their hunting.

13. Every Hundred Years: The Yautja Hold Ceremonial Hunts Pitting Young Bloods Against Xenomorph Prey:


The Yautja began their centenary Xenomorph hunts in South and Central America not long after the first pyramids were completed. The hunt puts young Yautja to the test as they strive to earn their dreads. Survivors are thought to be worthy of future hunting, and those who are overrun by Xenomorphs kill everything to prevent the Xenomorphs from taking over the world. Initially, locals offered themselves as hosts for the Xenomorphs in order to assist the monsters they viewed as gods in their pursuit. As time passed, this tradition faded, and the Yautja were compelled to lure people to the region using heat blooms and different scientific conundrums in order to continue their hunting.

12. 1718: A Yautja Helps A Pirate Captain Fight Off A Mutiny:


The first known occurrence of a Yautja and a human working together happened in 1718, and it was a sour affair. That year, pirate leader Raphael Adolini faced a mutiny over a case of gold on its way to a mission. Adolini was determined that the gold would reach its destination, but the crew had other ideas. As Adolini’s soldiers pursued him into the woods off the Guinea Coast, a Yautja entered the battle. Adolini and the Yautja battled side by side until all but one of the mutinous crew men were vanquished. The last member of the crew shot Adolini in the back and was rewarded with a Yautja blast for his efforts. Adolini left the Yautja an engraved musket before his death. The Yautja left his retractable sword on Adolini’s body before departing.

11. 1904: A Whaling Crew Sails Into The Middle Of A Ceremonial Xenomorph Hunt:


Norwegian whalers near Razorback Point observed undersea earthquakes in the frigid Arctic seas that surrounded them in 1904. The guys who examined the odd rumbling discovered a metallic pod containing a Yautja concealed in a crater on the ice. As soon as this lone hunter got out of the pod, it began slaughtering whalers left and right. The whalers had the misfortune of arriving in time for the centennial hunt, so they didn’t just have to deal with one Yautja-which may have gone well-but they also had to deal with Xenomorphs. The males were entirely exterminated, and Razorback Point became a ghost town.

10. 1987: A Yautja Perishes When It Tries To Eliminate Dutch’s Mercenary Team:


There is no evidence that the Yautja appeared on Earth between 1904 and the decades preceding the Predator. One of these extraterrestrial hunters visited Central America in 1987. That’s when it came upon a search-and-destroy squad of ex-military personnel commanded by Major “Dutch” Schaefer, who was annihilating a gang of insurgents. The Dutch team was utterly decimated, and the major was the sole survivor. He engaged in jungle combat with the Yautja, which resulted in the hunter blowing himself himself with a timed nuclear bomb. Anna Gonsalves, a Dutch rebel survivor, fled the explosion in a chopper.

9. Anna Helps The American Government Learn More About The Yautja:


Anna spent an indeterminate amount of time after her escape from the Central American forest working with the US government to educate them about her encounter with the Yautja. Her knowledge aided in the development of the Other Worldly Life Forms Program. Her collaboration with the government filled in several gaps concerning the Yautja’s defences and technology, allowing the OWLF to plan for the Yautja’s next trip to Earth.

8. 1990: Ronald Noland Is Taken By Yautja During A CIA Mission Gone Wrong:


Former US Army Air Cavalryman Ronald Noland was in the midst of a CIA-sponsored political coup in 1990 when he was kidnapped by the Yautja for some fun and games. He was brought to the planet of the game reserve, where he was forced to battle for his life while the young hunters honed their abilities. Overall, Noland spent ten “seasons” on the planet, which appears to be around 20 Earth years. During his time on the planet, he learnt to avoid the Yautja by using his own abilities and adapting to their technology.

7. 1997: The Other Worldly Life Forms Program Attempts To Recover A Yautja Body After One Wages A Hunt In Los Angeles:


When Lieutenant Michael Harrigan began investigating a territorial dispute between competing gangs in Los Angeles, he had no idea he’d draw the attention of a trophy-hunting extraterrestrial. Harrigan attracted the attention of a Yautja warrior prowling in the urban jungle and spent the next few days fending it off. During its journey to the city of stars, the hunter concentrated on Harrigan, but it also encountered the OWLF (the Other Worldly Life Forms Program). A covert government squad attempted to capture the Yautja in a frozen meat locker, but it did not go as planned-they were all slain. Harrigan was able to take down the hunter somewhere east of the Sunset Strip, and for his valour, he was awarded Captain Adolini’s musket.

6. 2000s: Sean Keyes Develops An Obsession With The Yautja After They Terminate His Father:


Sean Keyes became interested in the Yautja when his father died in 1997. Rather than joining the military and following in the footsteps of his father, Sean became a government scientist to investigate the monsters. It’s unclear if he was out for vengeance. Prior to joining Stargazer, Keyes worked with the OWLF to keep track of their Yautja research. Keyes met with Dutch at some time during his climb through the ranks of the covert government operation to learn more about the extraterrestrial hunters.

5. October 10, 2004: A Weyland-Yutani Team Infiltrates A Yautja Hunt In Antarctica, Resulting In The Creation Of A Predalien:


In 2004, a team of scientists was dispatched to the Bouvetya island off the coast of Antarctica to study a mystery heat signature. The bad news is that this short expedition occurred exactly 100 years after a specific party of whalers was torn to bits. That heat signal, on the other hand, turned out to be a deception designed to lure humans to a Xenomorph breeding site. Nobody was having a nice time. The sole survivors of the subsequent incident were a solitary human and a Yautja dubbed “Scar” who worked together to battle the Xenomorph Queen. Scar’s body was gathered by a group of senior Yautja watching over the hunt and carried onboard their ship, unknowing that he had been impregnated by a facehugger. He later gave birth to a Predalien.

4. October 14, 2004: The US Government Destroys A Colorado Town To Contain The Spread Of The Predalien:


The Predalien hatched from Scar shortly after the centennial hunt off the coast of Antarctica, and wiped out every member of the Yautja on board-but not before they could send a distress signal to a nearby ship. After arriving in Gunnison, Colorado, the Predaliens wreaked devastation on the tiny community. It’s similar to how the Blob consumes everyone in town in the remake of The Blob, except with a half-Xenomorph, half Yautja. The Predalien and a Yautja reacting to the distress signal ripped apart the city, as a group of humans tried to make sense of the monsters while seeking assistance from the US government. Rather than confronting the two alien hunters, the authorities wisely used a nuclear bomb to transform the area into a wasteland.

3. 2000s: A Blood Feud Develops Amongst The Yautja:


It’s unclear when the blood war between several Yautja clans began, but it was first mentioned on video by humans in the 2010s. The extraterrestrials haven’t written a comprehensive essay about their planet’s divisions, but from what we can determine, there are two major groups: the Super Predators and the Jungle Hunter Clan. Noland claimed in 2010 that the two factions were at odds with one another, but he did not explain why. All one has to do to tell the difference between the two is look at them. The Super Predators are bigger and stronger than the Jungle Hunters, who are smaller and leaner. Of course, all of this is relative, because even Jungle Hunters are massive in comparison to humans, so pick your side wisely.

2. 2010: The Yautja Abduct Eight Human Killers And Transport Them To An Alien Planet Game Preserve:


Why go to Earth to hunt a swarm of Xenomorphs when you can just pick up eight mass murderers and ship them to a rainforest world where you can kill them in peace? That’s precisely what occurred in 2010, when troops, mercenaries, and even a serial murderer had to endure a marathon of violence from three hunts. The three Yautja hunting people didn’t get along and ended up turning on each other, with the biggest and strongest of them attempting to murder the rest of their comrades. The humans annihilated all three of the hunters.

1. 2018: Project Stargazer Acquires The ‘Predator Killer’ Armor From A Grounded Yautja Spacecraft:


Project Stargazer, the OWLF’s successor, is a covert government operation tasked with obtaining Yautja technology as well as a living Yautja specimen. The Stargazer is made up of operatives and mercenaries from various government agencies that do whatever it takes to achieve its objective. In 2018, Project Stargazer added a living specimen with human DNA to their collection of spears and masks. The hunters, the researchers reasoned, were seeking to strengthen themselves by co-opting the DNA of the species with whom they interacted. Project Stargazer was given a suit of “Predator Killer” armour after defeating the Yautja. This served as a warning to humans that the hunters would return, as well as a weapon to level the playing field.

So there you have it, a detailed overview of the many hunts in the ‘Predator’ franchise. So, based on this comprehensive description, I’m quite confident the Predators weren’t always wicked. They even assisted folks with issues that were beyond the reach of most people. So, which Predator hypothesis do you like, and what are your opinions on these theories? Which of these hypotheses do you think is the most plausible? Please leave your views in the comments area below. Until then, keep reading Animated Times for in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, upcoming films, and other issues. in addition to TV series, celebrity news, and much more.

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