After his alliance with Hydra during the events of Secret Empire, Frank Castle is now looking to make amends in the Marvel Universe. He then kills many terrorists and Hydra associates like Mandarin and obviously, every gang that wants to run the streets of New York City.

It’s now left to Defenders to lurk Frank in. With the city turned into a war zone, a familiar face hunts Frank. Yes, we’re talking about Jigsaw here.

No Punisher #3, after Frank and Daredevil take the thugs out, Matt Murdock fakes a heart problem, only to trap Frank inbetween NYPD, where Frank has no choice but to surrender. Nick Fury Jr and his riot squad take him under custody. While they are talking, one of the squad members reveals himself as Jigsaw.

Jigsaw and Punisher have had deadly rivalries which trailed back to Frank’s family getting assassinated by a mob and Bill Russo being hired to end Frank. Billy later adopted Jigsaw to kill Punisher and the battle between them went on for decades. Punisher thought him to be dead, but it seems like Jigsaw survived the fall into a burning building.

Now, as they’ve met again, Jigsaw wants to get him behind prison bars. It doesn’t seem like a smart move to reveal his true identity in front of Fury other members, so it makes us wonder about the end-game Jigsaw has in mind.

It’s yet to be seen why Jigsaw has again decided to come after Frank. Stay tuned for more updates.

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