It’s been quite a long time there are talks about a new Iron man and Disney+ is working on a new project Iron heart. Recently it is revealed from various sources that the new Iron man is not a man rather than it will be Ironwoman. Recently God of war art director Rafael Grassetti had thrown a beam of light on this topic, which is also a big fan of Iron heart. In comics,

iron animated rumoured pic

The iron heart is Riri Williams, who challenges herself in various ways and is a tech geek.she is brainy and has a fond of multiple gadgets. She was working in a secret project and made a “suit of armor” by reverse-engineering the Iron man MODEL-41. When Tony Stark got to know about this, he offered Riri to be a superhero, and Riri gives accompany to Iron in that time ongoing Civil war. By the end of the war, the Iron man goes into Coma, and in place of Iron man, Riri William takes his place as Iron heart. Further to guide Riri, the AI is none other than a duplicate of Iron man. So we can expect Robert Downey jr. in the voice of the clone AI.

shuri as iron man. animated pic

Despite this, we can expect a Cameo of Peter parker with Morgan Stark, where Spiderman will guide Riri Williams in the technological aspects of the journey for a SuperHero. Rumors are claiming that Shuri can play the iron heart, and the probability of this thing is quite high because the way people are addressing her as the Iron Man of Wakanda and considering her intellectual aspects thing things seems to be quite sensible. But recently, there are few speculations that Michelle Jones, better known as MJ, can be seen in place of Iron man . she is also quite intelligent along with that she had proximity with Spider-Man, who is currently dealing with all the gadgets of Tony Stark.

                                   riri from comics

Fans also want there should be a full phase movie rather than a limited web series. With no official confirmation from MCU, speculating all these questions is quite tricky. For timing, patience is the key.

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