John Wick game is announced

A John Wick video game is in the works that take after the franchise of the identical name. The game is named John Wick Hex and can be called a strategy game that is made up of  “fight-choreographed chess.” The John Wick Hex trailer previewed a number of the fight players will encounter and was released together with the statement.

Mike Bithell will direct the game programmer supported at a ribbon that shared with the trailer on Twitter. A description of this sport provided information.

Description of John Wick game in the trailer

A new trailer announces John Wick game
A new trailer announces John Wick Game Hexa Released


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“Produced in close collaboration with all the creative teams behind the movies, John Wick Hex is fight-choreographed chess brought to life for a video game, shooting the series’ signature gun fu design when enlarging its fictional world,” the description stated. “Players must pick every single action and strike they create while contemplating their immediate price and consequences. Every movement at John Wick Hex feels just like a scene in the films, and each fight results in progress at work and demands exact tactical thinking.”

Selections for John Wick can be unlocked now.

A still from John Wick game
A still from John Wick game

It provides players with the opportunity to unlock match selections for Wick, new weapons, and places and includes a unique story for the sport. Ammo is limited, so scavenge for funds and gamers will need to take shots. Bithell explained platforms the game will launch on are not prepared to be announced yet, but for the interest of transparency, he affirmed that the PC version of the game will begin with the Epic Games Store and will “move from there.”

Source: Gamespot, Comicbook

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