Chani, a character played by Zendaya, hardly managed to get any space in Dune. She primarily appeared in just the dream sequences. Here is a sneak peek at the character and what is there for her next.


The Dream Sequence And Chani

Zendaya’s Chani had a very little duration of screen time in the latest release Dune. That is why it raised multiple questions regarding her purpose in the film and in Dune 2. Even though the character never appeared outside the dream sequence in the film, Chani has an essential part to play in Dune 2. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was just part one of the films that roughly covered half of Frank Herbert’s novel. Thus, as far as the novel is concerned, Zendaya’s character will play a prominent part in the film’s sequel.

Zendaya’s Chani is a Freman member
Zendaya’s Chani is a Freman member

Dune primarily follows Paul Atreides, son of Duke Leto and Lady Jessica. The film only covers the first half of Frank Herbert’s novel. Apart from Chalamet, Ferguson, and Isaac, Zendaya has also portrayed one of the main stars of Dune. Still, her character is not in the film that much. She roughly made an appearance in Paul Atreides’ dream sequences.

Is Dune 2 Going To Happen Anytime Soon?

While adapting Frank’s novel, Villeneuve decided to place the film in two parts as the story is too vast to complete in a two-hour film. While Dune 2 is yet to get an official yes, the makers are very much ready to proceed with the sequel as soon as they get a green light from Warner Bros. Now that the film is already out, the production house will make a decision soon after analyzing the numbers and statistics of the first release.

Zendaya’s Role Explained

Dune is now premiering in the theaters and HBO Max
Dune is now premiering in the theaters and HBO Max

Zendaya’s character, Chani, is a member of the Freman, which is the only spice mélange source in the Dune universe. In the movie, Chani plays the role of a narrator and a source of exploration to give the viewers a sneak-peek into Herbert’s world. However, her role could be also referred to as a guide to Paul. Thus, by making appearances in his dream, Chani communicates that his destiny is much larger than what he imagines and is somewhat linked to the Fremen people. Because of this, it becomes vital for Villeneuve to include Zendaya’s character briefly in the sequel.

Zendaya’s Role In Dune Part 2

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman as Chani in Dune
Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman as Chani in Dune

As Dune only covers the first half of Frank’s novel, it is expected that the sequel will offer more space to Chani in the story. Moreover, Villeneuve has also echoed that Chani will play a prominent role in Dune 2. Thus, it is quite clear that Zendaya’s character will grow exponentially in the upcoming sequel. The makers have also expressed their excitement about putting Chani center and in front of Dune 2, considering whatever she did with her small appearance in Dune. While she failed to get much of a space in the first film, her role is significant to Paul’s journey.

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