It looks like The Avengers will run in new team uniforms in the upcoming Avengers 4. Fans can’t for the film, as Infinity War left everyone wondering what’s next in store. Thanos succeeded in fulfilling his dream of attaining all Infinity Stones and wiping half of the existence, including many beloved heroes.

It’s yet to be seen how the remaining heroes bring the back the rest from ashes, but this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating theories. A concept art of the film that surfaced a few days back revealed Avengers in different costumes in an unknown location. However, it appears that the team might actually have different costumes.

A new image revealed on Instagram by user kpow_ok reveal new costumes for some core members of the team. The main focus of the Toy is Rocket and Thor in black and white suits. This is the first time these costumes have been seen. The suit can be compared to the latest Ant-Man suit, however, if you look closely you’d see Captain Marvel and Captain America wearing the same suits.

The suits have actual Avengers branding in them, suggesting that the Avengers have reunited and even though Rocket’s arm covers up his chest plate, it looks like he has also joined Avengers in between the events of Infinity War and Avengers 4. These suits may help out heroes to travel through time, maybe via Quantum realm, and could be seen only during the time travel scenes and not throughout the film.

All questions will be answered when Avengers 4 hits the theatres on May 3, 2019.

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