The Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime series has quite recently wrapped up its “Prison Planet Arc” with a noteworthy battle, that has teased what might be the most interesting arc in any Dragon Ball series (on page or screen) till date: the “Widespread Conflict: Dawn of War Arc”!

This new story circular segment in Super Dragon Ball Heroes will unite significant figures of the Tournament of Power like Hit, Jiren, The Universe 6 Saiyans (Cabba, Kale, Caulifla), and Ultra Instinct Goku. That multiverse power will all be required, as these ToP alumni will go into a fight against an amazing unit of villains – six of them, actually! You can get that huge reveal beginning at 7:30 in the video underneath:

As you may notice, Dragon Ball is bringing its very own rendition of Marvel’s Sinister Six villain squad to Dragon Ball Heroes, with a blend of new enemies and some unexpected twist returns. The greatest surprise is Fused Zamasu, the evil kai from Dragon Ball Super’s “Future Trunks Saga” who is still fit and alive. Last we saw, Future Trunks had separated Fused Zamasu’s body in half, wrecking his physical shape; Fused Zamasu then ended up as pure evil energy because half of him was eternal, but that “Infinite Zamasu” was erased from presence by Grand Zeno. Still, timelines are a dubious thing in Dragon Ball legend – particularly with regards to Zamasu. Given how Dragon Ball Heroes have been exploring what happens when different versions of various characters all through the multiverse meet (like DBS Goku and Vegeta meeting their “Xenoverse” partners), it’s not difficult to accept a version of Zamasu endure his fight with the Saiyans in one timeline.

For the rest of this villainous team: the man at front appears as though he could be from the same planet as DBH’s first villain, Fu; the three smaller figures are a mystery, but we beyond any doubt know Zamasu, and considering Saiyan Cumber has now been enlisted to their ranks, this is effectively the most imposing evil team the franchise has ever seen (sad, Ginyu Force…). Unexpectedly, fans are beginning to change from looking at this promotion anime as empty fan-service, and increasingly like fan-service they should see!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly releases in Japan this December, so fans will get the chance to see a greater amount of Super Saiyan Blue Goku soon enough. Funimation will get the film to theaters the United States on January 16.

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