HBO’s upcoming Green Lantern TV series will have a much darker tone:

A Still from HBO’s upcoming Green Lantern TV series
A Still from HBO’s upcoming Green Lantern TV series

According to rumors, HBO’s planned Green Lantern TV series would have a considerably darker tone, comparable to Watchmen. HBO’s Watchmen, a nine-episode 2019 limited series based on the classic 1986 DC Comics of the same name, was a huge hit. Lost co-creator and showrunner Damon Lindelof created the series, which won 11 Primetime Emmy Awards for its excellent storytelling, fascinating characters, and treatment of serious societal themes. Following the success of Watchmen, HBO is planning to adapt more comic novels to the small screen, with Green Lantern being one of the most noteworthy. Green Lantern, one of the most popular DC Comics characters, previously had a live-action rendition in the 2011 blockbuster movie Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds. Due to a lack of box office and critical acclaim, plans to produce new Green Lantern stories, including any potential sequels (and hopes for a new series), were put on hold. However, HBO Max revealed plans for a live-action Green Lantern TV program in 2019, and the network made a 10-episode straight-to-series order in October 2020, with The Lego Batman Movie screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith on board as showrunner and co-writer.

The show will be darker and grittier than the movie was, fitting with HBO’s role as a network:

A still of the Green Lantern's from the show and the movie
The show will be darker and grittier than the movie

However, the program appears to be darker and grittier than the film, which fits with HBO as a network and the types of tales they prefer to present. According to Illuminerdi, the program will focus on the many hardships encountered by the various Green Lanterns in their personal and professional lives, and this darker than expected tone will undoubtedly be ingrained in the show’s plot, as it did with Watchmen. With numerous prominent human and alien Lanterns, like Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, and Sinestro, expected to participate in the series, there will be plenty of possibilities to explore darker tales throughout the course of the show’s run.

How will the darker elements of the show set the stage for the series?

Finn Wittrock will play Green Lantern Guy Gardner in HBO Max Series
Finn Wittrock Cast as Green Lantern Guy Gardner in HBO Max Series

The darker aspects of the program will allow major societal topics like racism and homophobia to be examined and discussed, and this will connect with the characters and their personal lives. For example, Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern character from DC Comics, is a closeted homosexual man living in the 1940s, but new character Bree Jarta is a half-alien black woman living in the 1980s. Obviously, these people lend themselves to darker and more adult themes, and this appears to be the type of path HBO prefers to follow with many of its series. It is unknown whether any specific comics will be adapted for the series, but there is certainly the possibility of covering several tales and narrative threads within 10 episodes, and Grahame-Smith has promised fans a massive, epic Green Lantern program. The show’s details have been kept under wraps, and little is known about what spectators can anticipate from this TV relaunch, but a darker tone is something HBO is accustomed with, with programs like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos offering dark and profound narrative throughout the years. HBO is taking a risk here, since a more mature tone would exclude a younger demographic. On the plus side, it may enable a more engaging and engrossing narrative, as well as stronger character development and broad critical praise. HBO clearly appears to be a network content to let its showrunners do their thing with minimum intervention, and with this attitude, the Green Lantern program may become the channel’s next great smash.

Source: Illuminerdi


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