The Disneyland theme park in Shanghai, China, went into lockdown recently after one visitor tested positive for COVID-19:

A Still Of China's Shanghai Disneyland
A Still Of China’s Shanghai Disneyland

The Disneyland theme park in Shanghai, China, recently went into lockdown when one of its visitors tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), trapping thousands inside. Over the weekend, the lockdown began, trapping around 30,000 visitors and employees inside. They were made to wait for hours for infection tests before being permitted to leave the premises. According to reports, Disneyland Shanghai will be closed for another two days as a result of the positive test case, with the park reopening on November 2 if no more instances are discovered.

Disneyland Shanghai was one of the first major businesses to reopen in 2020:

Disneyland Shanghai Was The First To Reopen In 2020
Disneyland Shanghai Was The First To Reopen In 2020

Following the outbreak of the epidemic, Disneyland Shanghai was one of the first big enterprises to reopen in 2020. Strict health and safety precautions, such as limited capacity, frequent sterilization and temperature checks, and Health QR checks—an app that allows authorities to identify healthy residents from those who are at risk—were put in place. In 2020, it was claimed that Disney had sustained significant losses as a result of the forced shutdown of its parks and resorts. Earnings were anticipated to be $1.4 billion as a result of the losses. Furthermore, it has forced it to close its many production studios and lay off thousands of staff. The reopening of Disneyland’s resorts signalled the comeback of only one industry in China, with cinemas, restaurants, and other amenities following suit in the months that followed.

Statistics Released By Chinese Authorities That The Nation Saw 92 Cases On Monday:

Statistics Released By Chinese Authorities Of The 92 Cases
Statistics Released By Chinese Authorities Of The 92 Cases


According to Chinese government statistics, the country saw 92 instances on Monday. The nation has implemented a zero tolerance policy in order to reduce COVID-19 counts to zero in time for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This implies that all visitors from outside China must be quarantined and screened as soon as they arrive. According to the most recent estimates, China has documented 4,849 pandemic-related fatalities and 109,666 instances of illness since 2019. In terms of vaccinations, the country with a population of 1.4 billion is said to have administered 2,274,072,000 doses. The games have been a source of contention for some time, and not simply because of health concerns. Many protests have taken place throughout the world in response to the Chinese Communist Party-led government’s genocidal acts against the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, as well as its persecution of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and Hong Kong, among other things. The International Olympic Committee has maintained that it separates sports from politics and has not taken any action in response to popular concerns.

Source: BBC

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