In a strategic move through the entertainment industry, James Gunn and Peter Safran have embarked on an ambitious journey to shape the trajectory of the DC Universe over the next decade. Their vision aims to connect stories and characters, crafting an immersive experience. However, not all DC movies will be part of this plan. Despite successful releases like Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the era of the DC Extended Universe is coming to a close.


An unexpected turn came in 2022 with the cancellation of the highly anticipated Batgirl movie. This decision to omit the Batgirl project and instead utilize it as a tax write-off within Warner Bros. As discussions surrounding the fate of DC adaptations unfold, recent reports cast a shadow over another project. The spotlight has shifted to Nightwing, a movie that was previously under development. Regrettably, emerging information suggests that the trajectory of Nightwing may align with that of Batgirl, hinting at its potential cancellation.

Nightwing‘s Departure from The DCU’s Ambitious Vision


If you were eagerly anticipating the emergence of a live-action film featuring the DC superhero and Batman, it appears your anticipation might need to be put on indefinite hold. The latest word from a reputable trade reporter delivers the disappointing news that the Nightwing project has met its demise. The shelving of Nightwing is particularly disheartening for fans, as the film would have provided an exploration into the narrative of Dick Grayson, a character teased by James Gunn to be an integral part of the new DC Universe.

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Chris McKay was chosen to direct Nightwing. Fans hoped that Chris McKay would still be able to make the Nightwing movie according to his ideas. Unfortunately, a credible source posted on social media platforms that the Nightwing project had been extinguished. However, it’s worth noting that the creators of the film themselves have yet to officially confirm this declaration.

The Nightwing cancellation shares notable parallels with the previous Batgirl movie termination. In both cases, the studios faced the unenviable task of discontinuing projects that had been painstakingly developed behind the scenes over extended periods. While the Batgirl film had been fully shot before its cancellation, financial concerns likely influenced both decisions. This common foundation underscores the decision-making process for both Batgirl and Nightwing.

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The Potential Impact of Batman on James Gunn’s DC Universe

James Gunn
James Gunn

In recent times, the stream of updates from DC’s cinematic and TV ventures seems to have been tinged with a streak of unfavorable news. The Batgirl movie, once eagerly anticipated, has met an unfortunate fate, shelved and locked away from the spotlight. Simultaneously, the Arrowverse, which once buzzed with activity, now appears to have lost its vibrancy, and the grandiose promises of JJ Abrams-produced DC shows appear to be fading into the background.

Given these factors, reconsidering Batgirl and Nightwing as Elseworld films could be a viable option, offering an alternative to complete abandonment. While specifics are unclear, there’s potential for Nightwing to integrate into James Gunn’s DC Universe. Gunn has indicated the possibility of including Bat-family characters beyond Batman and Robin in his project The Brave and the Bold. This hints at Nightwing finding a place within this context.

Adding to this dynamic, recent cinematic endeavors linked to the DCEU as seen in the case of Blue Beetle, have encountered challenges at the box office. Amidst this backdrop, retaining Nightwing and Batgirl as Elseworlds narratives instead of traditional DCEU stories could offer a refreshing perspective. This approach would grant filmmakers the creative freedom to make necessary adaptations to suit the Elseworlds format while potentially enticing a wider audience.

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