When it comes to comic book adaptations in movies, not many actors have experienced the highs and lows like Brandon Routh did. Playing the iconic Man of Steel in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, released in 2006, was a very important moment in his career. It was the exact thing that could have made him a big name in Hollywood. However, the movie ended up getting mixed reviews, and Singer’s vision for the franchise was also abandoned.

Despite the letdown of the reboot, the portrayal of Kal-El by Routh was praised by many critics and fans. His portrayal of Superman as a man of hope and heroism who also has a sense of vulnerability within made him one of the best actors ever to portray Superman.

Brandon Routh as Clark Kent in Superman Returns
Brandon Routh as Clark Kent in Superman Returns | via Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers YouTube

However, the studio decided to scrap that story and reboot the franchise again with Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill. Following his Superman failure, Routh was unsure if he ever wanted to work in the superhero genre.

Brandon Routh Did Not Want to Play Ray Palmer/Atom

Dominic Purcell, Brandon Routh, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers in Legends of Tomorrow
Dominic Purcell, Brandon Routh, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers in Legends of Tomorrow | Credits: IMDb

Two years after the disappointment of Superman Returns, Brandon Routh encountered another opportunity to dress up in a superhero suit, this time as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, in the Arrowverse. This time, for the CW’s television series. Initially, his response was a bit of hesitance due to his past mistakes and his first appearance in the DC Universe.

In an interview with SuperHeroHype, Routh admitted,

I was a little wary at first. I never really thought that I’d play another hero in the DC world having played kind of the pinnacle of them all. But it’s been a lot of fun bringing Ray to life.

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However, Routh felt it was quite challenging for him and his wife Courtney Ford when they were removed from Legends of Tomorrow. In an interview with SYFY WIRE, he said,

It’s a challenging position to be in, because I love our writers and what they’ve done with the show, but it’s a tough position for me because I know that they loved Ray and they were doing the best they could by [having] them exit this way.

Nevertheless, his exit was not a permanent one, as he returned again for both The Flash and Legends. Moreover, the success of Arrowverse and his role as The Atom allowed him to wear the cape once again as Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

Will Brandon Routh Return For His Own Superman TV Series?

Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin in Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two
Brandon Routh and Tyler Hoechlin in Crisis on Infinite Earths- Part Two | Credits: IMDb

Routh’s impactful performance in Crisis on Infinite Earths brought nostalgia among fans. In an interview on Inside of You podcast, he talked about how returning to play the iconic role once again healed him. Routh said,

Even if this was the only scene I’m doing,’ the emotional wound or scar that was left by my experience on Superman Returns was mostly healed.

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However, just when fans thought that Routh’s adventures as the Man of Steel came to an end, Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim set the hopes for a project that will revolve around Routh’s Superman once more. In a tweet, Guggenheim revealed that he and Routh have discussed the possibility of a sequel series and that they have some ideas around it.

Superman & Lois will be closing as their fourth and final season premieres this year. This can be a possibility for Routh’s Superman to be placed on a different Earth, just like his appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths. This will present a different version of the character, which will make it less messy regarding the continuity of the story.

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Although Routh’s comeback for his role as Superman is unclear, Guggenheim’s cryptic tweet and the upcoming Superman & Lois finale keep the hopes high for fans. Whether it’s a full-fledged series or a limited show, Brandon Routh’s Superman may still fly soon.

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