Academy Award winner Ben Affleck is a multitalented personality. He is not only a great actor but also a successful producer. He has been the face behind the most successful and critically acclaimed movies like– Goodwill Hunting, Argo, Gone Girl, Hollywoodland, and Air. With a net worth of $150 million, the actor, producer, and director is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

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Ben Affleck

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The Argo actor was previously married to Jennifer Garner. After being together for a decade the couple decided to part ways in 2015 and filed for a divorce. They are co-parents to their three kids- Violet Anne 17, Seraphine Rose 13, and Samuel 10. The Air star got married to Jennifer Lopez in July 2022. He is a stepdad to Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony’s twin kids Max and Emme, 15. According to the rumors, both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner do not get along with each other, but recently both the actors kept their personal feud aside for the sake of their kids.

Ben Affleck Is Happy As Jennifer Garner And Jennifer Lopez Have Made Peace With Each Other

Ever since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married the couple has been a tabloid favorite. From being clicked in public to having altercations during the award shows- everything they do is never missed out of the media glare. The Last Thing He Told Me actor had initiated a war with the current wife of her ex-husband Ben Affleck during an interview. The actor had mentioned that she was simply not happy to see any of her family members turn into a meme. Jennifer Lopez was humilliated by her remarks.

This came into discussion after Ben Affleck’s expression during the 2023 Grammy’s with the Ain’t Your Mamma singer became viral. According to the rumors, Ben Affleck had an argument with his wife and even looked grumpy, tired and interested in the musical event. However, Ben Affleck is the happiest man now as his wife Jennifer Lopez has buried the hatchet with Jennifer Garner for the sake of his and their kids.

According to the information provided to the OK Magazine, by an insider close to the couple-

 “Jen and J.Lo have since been able to resolve their differences, for the most part. Seraphina and Emme are super close, so that’s been a huge factor.”

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Ben Affleck

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While talking about the kids, the insider even mentioned- “Seraphina and Emme are inseparable, and neither woman would come between their bond.”

The insider even spoke about the chnges that has come in ben Affleck and how Jennifer Garner “likes who Ben has become with J.Lo. He’s stepped up to the plate in many ways.”On speaking about both the ladies getting along very well the insider spoke about the Maid In Manhattan star and Jennifer Garner “having a very pleasant chat when J.Lo dropped Emme off at Jen’s house. They are getting along, which makes Ben really happy.”

Last but not the least, both the women in Ben Affleck’s life have understood how differences between them will lead to problems between their kids and family.

Ben Affleck Spends Quality Time With Seraphina At Santa Monica

Recently Ben Affleck was spotted in a full dad mode. He was seen with his daughter Seraphina at the Santa Monica, Calif, lunch outing. The father daughter duo sported their casual looks. He was wearing a black and white plaid shirt along with a monochrome Nike sneakers, whereas his daughter was spotted in a black graphic T-shirt, baggy jeans and sneakers.

While talking about the parenting style of her husband, Ben Affleck during an interview with The View, The Mother star was all praises for him.

“He’s just so in tune. He’s such a brilliant guy anyway, like he’s so learned in so many things, and you can just tell that when he had his kids, he must have read every book and everything that you could possibly learn about children, and he applies it.”

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Ben Affleck with daughter Seraphina

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The On The Floor singer further added-

“He’s present, and that’s all you can ask: for a present, loving dad who cares and shows up every single day, and that’s who he is.”

Recently both the women in Ben Affleck’s life made headlines for one of the best reasons. The Gone Girl actor is on cloud nine as both Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez have come together for their family and kids. Their daughters Seraphina and Emme are great frriends anf love spending time together.


Source: OK! Magazine


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