After Jujutsu Kaisen triumphed over One Piece and Attack on Titan, the best-selling manga title of 2023 has gone to Demon Slayer. According to a report in dexerto, Demon Slayer took home two titles: the single volume sales in which the manga and overall numbers, defeating both Chainsaw Man and One Piece.

If we talk numbers, Demon Slayer Vol 1 sold 148,468 copies against 140,106 copies of Chainsaw Man Vol 1. Meanwhile, Demon Slayer sold 2,000,000 copies overall, winning by a hair’s breadth over One Piece, which sold 1,900,000 copies. If this is any indication at all, Demon Slayer will continue to ascend beyond imagination.

Demon Slayer Emerges Victorious in American Manga Sale of 2023

Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer

Although Demon Slayer failed to rank on the Oricon’s best selling manga of 2023 (Japan), Demon Slayer Volume 1 sold 148.5k copies, making it the #1 manga volume in America. Demon Slayer has an extraordinary impact on the mainstream boom of the anime industry in the US, especially when the manga is broken into volumes, as indicated by the sales data. Demon Slayer also ranked #12 among the US  graphic novels with Dav Pilkey’s DOG MAN: TWENTY THOUSAND FLEAS UNDER THE SEA #11 ranking at #1.

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Even on screen, Demon Slayer has been truly unstoppable, reigning as the highest-grossing movie ever in Japan. The anime show is also going to knock other series out of the park with the upcoming Hashira Training Arc, where Tanjiro Kamado will finally step into his role of becoming a Hashira. Fans are eagerly waiting for the story to pick up its pace with Tanjiro showcasing his determination and relentless pursuit to overcome the hurdles.

Why is Demon Slayer So Popular?

Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado

If there is one thing all Demon Slayer fans will agree on, it’s the fact that the anime series has some of the best animation crafted by Ufotable Studio. Combined with stellar storytelling and well-executed action sequences, Demon Slayer certainly knows how to serve its fans.

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The storyline of the series also adds to the show’s popularity, focusing on Tanjiro and his quest to seek vengeance for his family’s death and a cure for his sister’s ailment which turned her into a demon. The storyline is intricately linked with themes such as family love, friendship, courage, and resilience. Although the story mainly focuses on Tanjiro and his adventures, it also showcases the villains’ tragic backstories that push them to become demons.

Demon Slayer is available on Netflix and Prime Video.

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