Reacher star Alan Ritchson is very well known for his portrayal of the hulking hero Jack Reacher among fans. However, what may surprise many is Ritchson’s prior venture into the realm of DC superheroes. Years ago, he donned the mantle of none other than Aquaman, preceding the iconic portrayal by Jason Momoa.

Actor Alan Ritchson
Actor Alan Ritchson

Amidst these revelations, fans are eagerly expressing their fervent desire to witness Ritchson bring his trademark intensity to the role of a different DC legend: Batman. This intriguing piece of trivia adds depth to Ritchson’s career, showcasing his versatility in embodying characters of both land and sea.

Alan Ritchson portrayed Aquaman in Smallville

Before captivating audiences as Reacher, Alan Ritchson navigated the waters of Atlantis in the hit TV series Smallville. Many years ago, Ritchson embodied a youthful incarnation of Arthur Curry, aka the Aquaman.
Smallville revolved around the formative years of Clark Kent, exploring his journey to explore his extraordinary abilities while navigating the challenges of teenage life.

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Ritchson’s portrayal of Aquaman contrasted with Jason Momoa‘s later portrayal of the same in many ways. Ritchson played the role of Arthur Curry, offering a distinct interpretation of the character with vibrant energy.

Ritchson’s portrayal left an indelible mark on the series for his unique depiction of the iconic character. His tenure as Arthur Curry in Smallville remains a noteworthy chapter in his career, showcasing his ability to breathe life into beloved comic book characters while leaving an enduring impression on audiences.

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Fans Want Alan Ritchson to Play Batman

Batman in the DC Universe

As the Reacher star previously experienced superpower abilities in Smallville, Fans are now clamoring to see Alan Ritchson don the iconic Batman suit. Throughout Hollywood’s history, numerous celebrated actors have left their mark on the iconic DC character, Batman.
However, speculation has now been rife regarding Alan Ritchson’s potential portrayal of the cape and cowl next.

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Fans confidently claim that Alan Ritchson has the perfect combination of acting skill, age, physicality, and experience to adeptly navigate the complexities of Bruce Wayne’s character.

Ritchson has also expressed his desire to play the role of Batman in James Gunn‘s DCU. Alan Ritchson told  Fortress of Solitude,

” [Laughs]. With all the rumours flying that I’m supposed to be playing Batman, how can I knock Batman? I would love to play Batman. You know, [Batman without a cape] is a great analogy, actually.”

The prospect of Ritchson bringing his unique interpretation of the Caped Crusader to the screen has ignited anticipation and speculation. Should Alan Ritchson indeed assume the mantle of Batman in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe, it promises to be a captivating prospect for enthusiasts of the DC Universe.

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