You have seen with Gotham, the rise of the Dark Knight; now travel to a time before Bruce Wayne was even born to see the story of one of his most trusted allies- Alfred Pennyworth

Epix Releases New Pennyworth Trailer

Title card for Pennyworth
Title card for Pennyworth

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Epix is bringing the story of Alfred Pennyworth to life, but not as Bruce Wayne’s butler. He is now a man in his 20s who is fighting for his country. The series will follow his years as a solider in England. Before the whole story unveils its secrets this summer, Epix has revealed a little teaser which hints at one part of his origin story. You can watch it above.

Alfred Meets Thomas Wayne

Alfred meets Thomas Wayne
Alfred meets Thomas Wayne

The teaser is just 30 second long but it definitely lays the groundwork needed for the show. Here Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) meets Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), for the very first time. This scene gets the show rolling as Thomas offers Alfred a job with his private security company. Also, Batman readers will know that the two form a tight bond over the years and Alfred plays a pivotal role in raising Bruce Wayne after Thomas and Martha are killed.

Where Is Batman?

Viewers who are looking forward to the show should keep in mind that Pennyworth won’t be dealing with the introduction of Bruce, for now atleast. The story is set entirely in 1960s London and it is looming to tell a more classic spy origin tale rather than one of a comic book origin.

Executive producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller, who brought Gotham to life as well, have likened their new show to James Bond and Harry Palmer films. Danny Cannon says:

“I went back and watched Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer movies, and the first couple of James Bond movies, because going back to that Cold War kind of story telling, I liked going back into this period because all of our Berlin movies and Russian espionage movies, it was like the British version of Westerns. Like there was a wild west quality to the cold war. Because after the war was done, we knew that there was a nuclear bomb, and we were capable of terrible things, but the spying and the style in which it was done, and the dignity with which it was done and the charm with which it was done (was impressive).”

Pennyworth debuts on July 28th

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