Recently a group called the Raëlians explained that Ye’s (formerly Kanye West) problematic Swastika sign under the star of David was not what it seemed at all. The Rapper was banned from Elon Musk-led Twitter after he posted a series of tweets that were unsurprisingly insensitive. He is already in hot waters due to his anti-Semitic remarks. The Heartless rapper has since been called out publicly by celebrities which finally resulted in most of his corporate partners cutting ties with him. Ye has also lost a lot of fans due to his frequent problematic and insensitive remarks.

Although his recent tweet which involved a controversial symbol is now explained to be actually related to a s** cult. It is a UFO or an extraterrestrial worshipping cult. The members have explained that the symbol had no connection to the Nazis whatsoever.

Ye’s Controversial Symbol Is not What it Seems

Kanye West
Kanye West

Some days ago Ye or Kanye West was banned from Twitter for 12 hours due to a series of problematic tweets. The Yeezy founder showed support for the luxury brand Balenciaga following the termination of their contract with West a few months ago. Balenciaga was under fire recently as their Spring/Summer 2023 collection allegedly condoned child exploitation. After that Balenciaga support tweet, Ye also tweeted a symbol of the Swastika (Nazi symbol) under the star of David. The Monster rapper has a history of making insensitive remarks involving the Jew community and the Nazis already. His account got blocked temporarily soon after.

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Kanye West
Kanye West

However, the symbol that he posted is actually related to a s** cult and has nothing to do with the Nazis. The cult is called ‘Raëlians’. And according to Vice Media’s British president Glen Carter, the cult believed

“all life was created by the Elohim, who were extraterrestrials visiting earth from another planet”

A member also cleared the confusion by writing,  “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Jews and Nazis.”

The cult consists of chosen members that are reserving their s**ual  energy for the extraterrestrials. Ye posting a symbol of a s** cult is clearly his way of showing his support for the cult.

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More on the Raëlians Cult and Their Primary Beliefs

Raëlians symbol
Raëlians symbol

According to the Cult’s information, it has 50,000 members in 85 countries. Their primary belief is about creating cutting-edge technology to save humanity with enhanced intelligence. And this intelligence according to them will only be acquired after indulging in s**ual intercourses.

With this belief, the members of the group participate in such activities. They also believe in having intercourse with extraterrestrials or alien life. The cult worships and believes in Elohim, which are allegedly extraterrestrial beings that visit earth from other planets.

As for the use of a symbol like the Swastika, the Raëlians want to repurpose the meaning of the symbol. According to their spokesperson,

“It’s very important to reclaim [the swastika] and explain to the public that this symbol has a beautiful origin.”

The Raël movement members have shared that the symbol was seen by the cult’s founder Claude Vorhilon on UFO he allegedly encountered.

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