Mark Wahlberg is one of the most versatile personalities in Hollywood. He is not only a talented actor but also a successful entrepreneur. He has been a part of significant projects like The Italian Job, Boogie Nights, Planet of the Apes, and The Perfect Storm. He was last seen in the 2023 action comedy movie The Family Plan. 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Ted

Mark Wahlberg is a proud father of four kids. During an appearance on a famous talk show, the Daddy’s Home actor confessed that his kids love making fun of him on social media.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Children Show Their Affection By Making Fun Of Him On Social Media

During a recent appearance on the widely watched chart show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Mark Wahlberg was present for the promotion of his upcoming movie Arthur The King which is scheduled to release on March 15. While addressing the AI effect on one of his pictures of flaunting his abs, Mark Wahlberg revealed-

“My daughter does those for me.”

Stephen Colbert went on to show footage of the actor’s daughter and said-

“Speaking of your daughter, you are a great entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of things- You got the Wahlburgers, you’ve got the municipal clothing line and we’ve got some fantastic footage here that you sent us of your daughter doing an impression of you.”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted

The video featured Mark Wahlberg’s daughter talking about the products from his activewear, Municipal, in his style. In the footage, the Uncharted actor’s daughter mentioned-

“Municipal from head to toe. The new municipal shoes, shorts, and support 45, the sweatshirt, hat, and performance-inspired, stay prayed up, figure protein-up. What time is it? At 8.00 am, I’ve got to go to bed.”

The chat show host went on to ask Wahlberg whether he had been subjected to this multiple times. Stephen Colbert asked-

“That’s nice. That’s a good relationship. Is that an on-off or does she do that a lot?” 

Wahlberg responded that his kids love to make fun of him. He said-

 “That’s a daily occurrence between her and my other son. My two sons and my oldest daughter, all they do is make fun of me.”

The Academy Award-nominated actor and his wife, Rhea Durham, share four children Ella, Michael, Brendan, and Grace. Mark Wahlberg believes that his job as a father is more important than any other thing in the world.

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Mark Wahlberg Never Wanted His Kids To Watch One Of His Most Successful Movies

During an interview with Contact Music in 2013, Mark Wahlberg spoke about one of his most successful movies Transformers, and why he has banned his children from watching it. The actor went on to share an incident that made him take the decision. He explained-

“My four year old screamed ‘s***’! the other day, when his brother knocked the football out of his hand. I almost laughed but thankfully I was able to hold it in. I said, ‘Where did you hear that kind of language?’ and he looked up at me and said, Transformers. Then I told my wife and we have the Transformers DVDs down in their room—so they’ve been taken away now. But I hope they get to see the new one.”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Transformers

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In 2007, ahead of the release of Transformers: The Last Knight Mark Wahlberg appeared for an interview with CBS News during the red carpet of the sci-fi drama. He shared how Transformers brought back his childhood memories. He said-

“It’s as much fun as you can ever imagine. Anybody who’s ever been a kid, playing with big things, this is exactly what it’s like. Blowing things up, shooting guns…it’s amazing.”

Transformers: The Last Knight went on to amass a box office collection of $605.4 million against a production budget of $217–260 million. With an IMDb rating of 5.2 out of 10, the Michael Bay-directed sci-fi drama can be streamed on Netflix.

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