Till now Loki has just been on the screen due to his connection with Asgard and the fact he is related to Thor. He was portrayed and  introduced as a villain at the beginning ; but irrespective of his wicked, mischievous personality and plans (he sure has had many reasons for the same and he is not to be blamed) fans have still adored and loved him way more than what Marvel Cinematic Universe imagined.

And no wonder they had to keep bringing him back one way or the other because he (or rather Tom Hiddleston ) makes everything so much better and even funnier by just existing!

Fans have been itching for a background story and more adventures of Loki forever. Obviously Comic fans know a lot but the MCU fans are not well aware.

Finally the long wait is over and the God Of Mischief will make a grand entry with his original series on Disney+ with Tom Hiddleston playing Loki,
The show is all set to debut on the streaming website from this week and we totally understand that many fans might have forgotten quite a lot about him.

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Avengers aka the Mightiest Heroes of Earth  ended up helping Loki cause a major aberration in the time stream.
But actor Owen Wilson aka Mobius in the MCU is all set to help the God of Mischief clear up all the mess made by him.

With so many new characters in the Marvel Universe and such intense jump into the mechanics of time travel and parallel universes, it is going to be too much to take in for the fans.

We do not know whether we will get a glimpse of Kid Loki or Lady Loki or a debut of Kang and many more things related to Younger Avengers.

However according to ComicbookCram these things are likely to take place

Meet The Mischief Makers

cram loki back issues 1270755

A Team – Up Through Time

cram loki marvel team ups 1271055

To Cause Some Mischief or Conquer Time?

cram loki kang back issues 1270397

Past, Present And Future To Collide?

cram loki db cooper 1270915

We can’t wait to see what Loki and MCU bring to us with this new series.

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